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  1. I think vega from portage in the mid nineties has to up there
  2. Yes, 10am tomorrow and 9am saturday. I was replying to question by thor
  3. Search Mishawaka network on youtube
  4. Riding time ended in 1968. You received a point for every minute of riding time more than your opponent. Also in 1969 headgear became mandatory
  5. Not sure what all will be covered but its on you tube. Search mishawaka network i believe
  6. I am waiting for the next committee video
  7. Congrats josh...good luck at Purdue.
  8. Great job. Your hard work payed off. I know you will be sucessful in all you do.. congrats...
  9. i heard a coach yell to his wrestler...." run a move that has a name".... i almost swallowed my whistle laughing
  10. then the official would get yelled at "dont coach my wrestler" it is easy to call from the bleachers get your license and a whistle and get after it!!!!!!!
  11. tonight broadcastsport.net will be broadcasting a live feed on both mats for the first round and one for the finals at the jimtown team dual regionals starting at 6 pm.est. the first round brings jimtown vs. warsaw and penn vs.prairie heights
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