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  1. Kevdog


    Brady McKivitz
  2. Their behavior was so bad, 4 cops showed up!!! It was bad!!!
  3. I was at Circle City Classic and Franklin Central’s sportsmanship was horrible across the board. The coaches did nothing!
  4. Mutschler is from Lowell Michigan. He has wins over Antwan Graves, Conner Gimson, Graham Calhoun, Nathan Conely.
  5. I have watched him wrestle several times before I knew his name. I kept referring to him as “leg rider kid”, he is amazing on top. Great wrestler!
  6. Wrestle backs will ensure the best four advance, not the four who got the best draw. Miranda and Dalton could of easily wrestled back to make a run at a state title.
  7. Great job Hoosier Hustle team ! Congrats to you Coach McCormick on 30 years. I only wish I would of met you sooner. You are a great coach and a great guy. Good luck to you and the Yorktown wrestlers this season.
  8. I would add Cole Ross and Colton Drousias to the mix
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