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  1. Brandonm625


    Brady McKivitz
  2. 145- Mckivitz gets revenge on Stewart with a decision win
  3. I agree saying emd getting a fall at 152 is a pretty wild prediction but will end up being a heck of a match
  4. Yes sir , Believe me when i say it, been involved with wrestling for a decade. From wrestling, coaching, spectating, and officiating. A true lover of the sport! So when watching great wrestling and see such poor calls that really dictate such good close matches is really disappointing!
  5. I’m sure i watched other matches more attentive than you and vise versa, but when there’s a close action packed match and there are stall calls being thrown out for no reason basically ruining matches i say that’s pretty poor officiating 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. You’re right! I’ve seen plenty of bad refs over the years but jeez by this year is by far the worst I’ve seen
  7. Yeah watched a lot of bad stall calls cost the better wrestlers the match
  8. Jakob sheets has not been at Plainfield for 2 years he’s been at Perry meridian and he’s ineligible
  9. I think the west side should start their own rebellion and just not even have a head coach
  10. Who's going to take over as head coach ?
  11. Brady mckivitz of Avon triple crowned. Schoolboy 128
  12. Avon did it last year and I believe they can do it again this year
  13. 106- Garcia 113- White 120- Hilderbrandt 126- Hudkins 132- Red 138- Lee 145- Timberman 152- Lawrence 160- Covaciu 170- Hughes 182- Rypel 195- Stewart 220- Larson 285- Streck
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