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  1. Definitely agree. All being seniors this year I think they can all make the podium and make a deep run at bankers life especially if they’re having a good day
  2. Have seen Brady Ison dominate since his bantam days. Going to have a phenomenal high school career! Very impressive win over a very tough Cheaney Schoeff
  3. Koontz and Mckivitz both used that extra 2 pounds to drop for team state. 138 he’d have Mendez who’s more than likely going to be a 4 timer. At 145 perry has Mckivitz who’s easily a medalist this year so 152 is next up and has already beat two of the top three guys at that weight. Has a better shot at a title at 152 than 138
  4. Bummer they were out! Would have added some even more fun to that awesome day of wrestling
  5. 145- Mckivitz gets revenge on Stewart with a decision win
  6. I agree saying emd getting a fall at 152 is a pretty wild prediction but will end up being a heck of a match
  7. Yes sir , Believe me when i say it, been involved with wrestling for a decade. From wrestling, coaching, spectating, and officiating. A true lover of the sport! So when watching great wrestling and see such poor calls that really dictate such good close matches is really disappointing!
  8. I’m sure i watched other matches more attentive than you and vise versa, but when there’s a close action packed match and there are stall calls being thrown out for no reason basically ruining matches i say that’s pretty poor officiating
  9. You’re right! I’ve seen plenty of bad refs over the years but jeez by this year is by far the worst I’ve seen
  10. Yeah watched a lot of bad stall calls cost the better wrestlers the match
  11. Jakob sheets has not been at Plainfield for 2 years he’s been at Perry meridian and he’s ineligible
  12. I think the west side should start their own rebellion and just not even have a head coach
  13. Who's going to take over as head coach ?
  14. Brady mckivitz of Avon triple crowned. Schoolboy 128
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