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Everything posted by V and M's Dad

  1. V and M's Dad

    Weight cut

    This is one of the funniest comments in a while! Quality!!!
  2. V and M's Dad

    ISWA Elementary Team State

    Hopefully in their discussions they come up with a way to keep a certain team honest.
  3. V and M's Dad

    Brownsburg RWO - Thursdays at 6:01PM

    What are the chances there is at least 30 minutes of Greco Technique tonight?
  4. V and M's Dad

    Skin check debate

    It was not meant as a shot at you. I understand you are putting in a ton of time and it goes unappreciated! I thought it was funny is all! This thread got hijacked by a topic we continue to bring up year after year. There had to be four or five teams complaining at the Elememtary Duals to you about certain teams and their makeup before weigh ins. You are in the bad position of being the Guy who fields the complaint is all. "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown" Thanks for the amount of time you and all the ISWA people put in. Things would be a great deal worse without it!
  5. V and M's Dad


    In all fairness Coach I was expecting to see Mike Mal break it down on "Behind the Dirt" !!
  6. V and M's Dad

    Skin check debate

    Poste 410 Posted January 2 every year you bring it up and every year the teams all comply with the guidelines set forth by the ISWA......even Perry so thanks. good luck to all teams I don’t understand what everyone is talking about “all teams comply with the guidelines set forth by the ISWA” per Miller
  7. V and M's Dad

    Skin check debate

    Where is Lewis's "Trophy Chasing" thread when we need it??
  8. V and M's Dad


    The question is will Coach Hull be teaching this at this week's RTC?
  9. V and M's Dad

    Possible ISWA matchups

    I couldn't tell if that was Mark Hall or Coach R at first! #Superducking
  10. V and M's Dad


    Brenden Kelley spladles everyone and wins it !!
  11. V and M's Dad


    Jared McKinley head locks everyone in the First period and wins it !!
  12. With Moran and South winning State titles this year and having to sit out last year for whatever reason. I was curious could either of them have won one last year?
  13. V and M's Dad

    Epic Clash

    Gelen was ranked 4th Kyle Snyder was #1 on Flo
  14. V and M's Dad

    Epic Clash

    DJ pinned Berry from BD in like 1:00 in the finals I wrestled Berry once and he hit a double on me and lifted me up off the mat and slammed the heck out of me I thought this isn’t supposed to happen. Coach Otha Taylor yelled that is why we practice sprawling every day get up! Berry was very good also but Radnovich was a Huge Grown man. I believe he finished 3rd his Junior year. Rachman Crable was by far the strongest and meanest 215 I personally wrestled!!
  15. V and M's Dad

    Epic Clash

    Anton was 215 runner up as sophomore 215 champ as Junior and 189 champ as Senior in 1998 I believe
  16. V and M's Dad

    Epic Clash

    Robinson doesn’t get majored he definitely isn’t getting turned. Jake O’Brien was a 3Xer Nate Moore was from Perry and a 2Xer his sophomore year I believe he qualified but got injured.
  17. V and M's Dad

    Possible 3 timers that could have been!

    You are a lot smarter than I am if you can figure the transfer rule out. Two placers this year had a similar situation but were cleared.
  18. V and M's Dad

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Good for you guys and the work you put in. I am looking forward to going and watching. I wasn’t ready for the “ Jibroni “. Quality!!
  19. V and M's Dad

    The next Kris Rumph???

    I don’t know if he will be the next Rumph but he could definitely be the next Manny Pacquiao. He is a first year guy as a 8th grader named Joseph who is a handful already.
  20. V and M's Dad

    Perry Regional @ 170 was worth the price of admission

    How about the show that these three put on!! Mahan wrestled Friday night against Brewer the same type of match as he did against Lowe at regional. 1st (Warren), 5th (Mahan) and 6th (Lowe) and they beat #'s 3,4,6,7,14.17, and 18
  21. There was some really high level wrestling that took place in case you missed it. I know most people are focused on Semi-State as well they should be I wanted to take a minute and mention a few observations. Probably one of the better semi finals I have seen in recent memory. Mahan and Lowe went back and forth with big moves and plenty of strength (side note is Warren was waiting for the winner) I would say Lowe was slicker and his gas tank was the difference. In the finals Noah Warren showed why is ranked number One. In the last two weeks he has pinned really high level competition in the first period. Noah pinned Lowe with a cradle that me and another Coach were looking at each other saying what was that exactly. I have a feeling two maybe all three of these guys get out next week at Semi State
  22. V and M's Dad

    Finals rankings

    9 #1’s. Holy **** “Rain-man” how many toothpicks fell out of the box.
  23. V and M's Dad

    Melloh and Mulkey

    I am 99 percent sure that Frankie is a GWHS alumni not Cathedral. Big supporter of the Irish but actually he was a Continental.
  24. V and M's Dad

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    So is this the Gold “Gorillas” ?
  25. V and M's Dad

    Sam Fair’s Singlet

    It looks exactly like PM during Freestyle season. On a side note did Sammy have the fastest fall at the Finals?

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