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  1. We don't have wrestlebacks!! I thinks Faulkens is okay with doing his own thing.
  2. For some strange reason the ref told Jarod Clayton who weighed in at like 168 he couldn't go 170 he had to go 182. Once we had someone report who was deemed not allowed we had to forfeit. Lets just say the officiating left something to be desired!!
  3. I stand corrected I forgot we are pinning at 113 in a real world scenario the score would be 44-23. Roncalli only losing 3 is correct. I don't want to at all help Avon but the little Garcia is winning at 113 that is not a toss up.
  4. ????? This is a counting game and you lose!!!! I think we pin at 195 with a cradle but the prediction was a decision based on results.
  5. I think we pin at 195 with a cradle and win at 170
  6. According to County results that either were wrestled matches or educated guesses based on results. The score would be PM35-R26 I edited your Avon post with PM guys. I think if we wrestled Roncalli in a dual PM wins 41-20
  7. @Mattyb As much as I would like to argure with Coach Cottey's "First Shift" logic it is difficult too. As long as we are seeded ahead of the Rebel's.
  8. Warren probably should get teched or majored considering he is a all conference Football Player (Sophmore) and Lee wrestles year round. The good thing is he is shaking off that Football rust quite nicely. If he hasn't fully gotten into Wrestling shape by this Friday. I think he will be by the time we make to Cathedral! Also word on Stop 11 is he may be going down anyway. You heard it here first folks!
  9. I like our chances but you are correct it will be a close one. They may have the only guy taller and leaner than Brooks. Sidenote how about Mahan going 170??
  10. I wasn't sure if it was third shift or Sleep Apnea. Either way a decent name for a boat.
  11. We will learn alot about our Team this week! Who knows we may discover we have a few more areas of strength.
  12. So Warren is good enough to beat Rooks but not good enough to keep it under a major with Lee? Third shift is really affecting your logic!!!!
  13. This is one of the funniest comments in a while! Quality!!!
  14. Hopefully in their discussions they come up with a way to keep a certain team honest.
  15. What are the chances there is at least 30 minutes of Greco Technique tonight?
  16. It was not meant as a shot at you. I understand you are putting in a ton of time and it goes unappreciated! I thought it was funny is all! This thread got hijacked by a topic we continue to bring up year after year. There had to be four or five teams complaining at the Elememtary Duals to you about certain teams and their makeup before weigh ins. You are in the bad position of being the Guy who fields the complaint is all. "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown" Thanks for the amount of time you and all the ISWA people put in. Things would be a great deal worse without it!
  17. In all fairness Coach I was expecting to see Mike Mal break it down on "Behind the Dirt" !!
  18. Poste 410 Posted January 2 every year you bring it up and every year the teams all comply with the guidelines set forth by the ISWA......even Perry so thanks. good luck to all teams I don’t understand what everyone is talking about “all teams comply with the guidelines set forth by the ISWA” per Miller
  19. Where is Lewis's "Trophy Chasing" thread when we need it??
  20. The question is will Coach Hull be teaching this at this week's RTC?
  21. I couldn't tell if that was Mark Hall or Coach R at first! #Superducking
  22. Brenden Kelley spladles everyone and wins it !!
  23. Jared McKinley head locks everyone in the First period and wins it !!
  24. Gelen was ranked 4th Kyle Snyder was #1 on Flo
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