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  1. Awesome kid & great family, well deserved!
  2. Koontz is a stud. Being able to wrestle light or heavy doesn’t matter to this guy!
  3. 120 - Ross (MD) 132- Dalton (Monrovia) 138 - Roberts (Avon) 145 - Mckivitz (PM) 152 - Conley (Avon) 160 - Fuqa (Franklin) These would be my dark horse picks this year considering multiple previous wins over top 5 opponents within the last 3 years. These are guys that are always in the mix producing solid victories and results.
  4. Definitely a top 3 competitor in my eyes.
  5. Looks like people have definitely been sleeping.
  6. slingerbailey


    Brady McKivitz
  7. slingerbailey


    Brady McKivitz
  8. B. McKivitz (Perry Meridian) over B. Garcia (Brownsburg) dec. 3-2
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