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  1. Regardless, and call me crazy, but it’s just my opinion, but if not Southport, then Franklin Central should get some recognition for placing higher than Westfield at Capital City, considering Westfield is ranked #15 and FC is NR!
  2. No. Actually “us” referred to all the teams you guys think it’s cool to make fun of and talk bad on, thinking it makes you look better when it really doesn’t. You all are just getting mad because I pointed out that you guys lost to Southport at John Hurrle. It’s not that deep for you guys to be starting stuff with the other teams over.
  3. I’m pretty sure I said I didn’t want anyone starting drama on my topic.. In all honestly, we get that you guys are good at wrestling and all but you guys don’t have to be rude to other teams about it all the time. I didn’t post this topic to start drama, it was only to make a point. So please leave us alone if you don’t have anything nice to say, no need to just be arguing on here over this stuff. Enough said.
  4. Nice comment, almost as funny as it was at sectionals last season when Warren Central stood over the Perry kids in the center of the mat before the finals.
  5. Just sayin that the schools like fc and Southport and other schools etc. aren’t getting enough love placing higher than some ranked teams in tournaments. Please don’t start drama on my topic, also don’t be hating on the coaches, like imagine placing higher than Westfield in CCC when they’re ranked and fc isn’t.
  6. Congratulations to Southport and Franklin Central! They’ve both been making lots of noise and both really great teams. Southport placed 4th at John Hurrle, 43 points above the ranked Perry Meridian team. Franklin Central also finished as runner ups at Capital City Classic and Zionsville Eagle Invitational, Franklin Central placed higher than the ranked Westfield squad in Capital City, big shoutout to those great teams for wrestling hard! If the Franklin Central and Southport teams are placing higher in tournaments than some ranked teams are placing, shouldn’t they be ranked as well?
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