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  1. From watching that match I don’t believe the injury has anything to do with him not being on a lineup currently
  2. Champ725

    Joe Stanley

    Joe Stanley
  3. What weekend is Middle School State?
  4. Rianne Murphy is not in Lake Central School District. Also I would look out for Jeffrey Huyvaert and Bryce Denton.
  5. I believe Kaden Lone is a freshman also
  6. Jendreas is a 7th grader right now homeschooled and will go into 8th next yr.
  7. Congrats to Jesse Mendez who went out and represented the State of Indiana very well at Who’s #1. He put on two awesome matches that could have gone either way. I believe he was the youngest person there and will be back to battle again for that spot.
  8. Never Been to Evansville but don’t believe those are the only two places to train......I believe Da Region will have school win State in the near future and the talent level is coming from multiple clubs
  9. Do u really believe those are the only two area and clubs? I think your sadly mistaken
  10. Human Nature is to always say things were harder yrs ago and not just in wrestling but all aspects of life.....the truth is the kids nowadays wrestle a lot more across the country in bigger tournaments and Duals from a very young age. So IMO I think the sport of wrestling with talent coming out of Indiana will be just fine
  11. I agree as I know it’s tougher to place as a freshman the heavier you are but I believe he will win the EC Semi State which should lead to a better placement leading into Friday Night. He will be 160 I believe and think Dickens and Noehre would be the favorites right now
  12. Yes and would have to be considered for Top 3 in my opinion
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