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  1. Champ725

    USAW Folkstyle Nationals

    Aiden Torres made the Championship to finish as runner up
  2. Champ725

    USAW Folkstyle Nationals

    Kyle Harden and Evan Stanley made the Championships. Kyle comes back with the National Title while Evan Stanley takes 3rd. Landon Hawkins also fought back from opening round loss to the runner up to finish 7th.
  3. Champ725

    Donnell vs Slivka - scoring error in the finals

    Overall a great weekend of wrestling but the biggest rule change I would like to see happen is the college out of bounds rule tab state. I feel like there are too many judgment takedowns and would love to see that implemented there.
  4. Champ725

    Mendez vs. Watts

    Congrats to Watts on a great career but that match was pretty one sided and dominated by Mendez.... looks like he is on his way to 4 timer status
  5. Champ725

    Freshmen Class

    Everyone knew about Jesse and Zeke and deservingly so and both will be in the Finals but Cernus is now officially on the map and I believe will win it tonight over Cottey
  6. Champ725

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    Laplace is lucky to get the second chance now let’s see what he does with it
  7. Champ725

    Toughest weight

  8. Champ725

    2015 Middle School State

    The only thing I saw on flyer was you couldn’t wrestle if you did 8th grade once already. Also for weigh ins added early weigh ins for $20.....easy $4000 made and wish more tournaments offered this
  9. Champ725

    2015 Middle School State

    Ya not sure how close it’s monitored but would like to see a even playing field so that doesn’t continue to happen
  10. Champ725

    2015 Middle School State

    I think a loophole does exist and should be worded different.....I also think if you wrestle there you are only eligible for 3 consecutive years.
  11. Champ725

    2015 Middle School State

    No one in particular but under the current rules it’s says you couldn’t have finished 8th grade. This year I believe we had a least two 6th graders win and potentially if held back before 8th grade could win 4. IMO you should only be allowed to enter 3 times no matter what
  12. Champ725

    2015 Middle School State

    We could be getting a 4 timer as some kids attended for the 4th time this year and I’m sure it will happen again.
  13. Champ725

    2019 IHSWCA MS State @CenterGrove

    Found it thanks
  14. Champ725

    2019 IHSWCA MS State @CenterGrove

    Has a girl ever won the boys division at Middle School State?
  15. Who our of some of your picks as a lot of talent all around

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