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  1. I was watching it on my phone when he looked up that cradle I exploded my wife looked at me like I was crazy haha a absolutely great match!
  2. Lucky? No I was rooting for him south wrestled a great match and I hope he is on top of the podium this week as well I’m just using that particular Scenario to get my point across that there was some inconsistency at Evansville this week.
  3. Agreed some officials stop the second even a finger goes out others let them keep wrestling until both wrestlers are completely out.
  4. First off I am in no way trying to bash the evansville officials but I do think that there was a lack of stall/fleeing the mat calls. I seen quite a bit of stalling with no calls and guys who basically ran off the mat and no call. I also seen a lot of inconsistency among calls one in particular was the Mappes vs south match, Mappes looked to have a take down before they went out of bounds but was called no take down later in the match the same Scenario happened at almost the same exact spot and south was awarded the takedown. I am not a official and I know it is not a easy job. Us as spectator
  5. I know goforth is on a high horse right now lol top 4 kids on the other side
  6. Devan Casebolt over Blake boarman injury default. I’m not sure exactly what happened.
  7. IT my opinion it was a takedown. I did not see them raise Schaefer’s hand however they did announce him the winner before the call changed. IMO the wrestler who won, won.
  8. Outwreslted well that’s obvious, but you to sit here and say draws arent the majority reason why that’s just nonsense. His freshman year he draws 8th placer Jacob Skaggs from Avon. Sophomore year draws state champ Brock hudkins, junior year draws 3rd placer graham Rooks and now this year he draws mills. Willis would have qualified in 2016 had he got Dilbeck or Combest draw. He would of qualified in 2017 had he got Matt Lee or Noah hunts draw and he would have forsure qualified with Denny’s draw this year or even Rooks draw. If Willis doesn’t qualify he will be one of the best kids to not ever
  9. 106 has two tough ticket round matches for me Ross vs Dalton (this is toss up for me but I chose Ross only because I got to watch him at mater dei. Also who’s is Dalton’s one loss too? Scott vs Montgomery, Scott showed last week that he can hang with the big dawgs but does he have enough to top Montgomery? I think not, look for Montgomery to take 1st and to try and meet Moran under the lights next weekend. My picks: Montgomery,Ross,Gardner,Alstott 113 4 very exciting ticket round matchs! Spears vs Boarman, boarman should not have a problem taking this one but spears is a seasoned w
  10. Yes and let’s take a quick moment to thank the bracket gods for not matching up Garcia and Rooks!
  11. 195 Jaden sonner over grant goforth I believe it was 10-4
  12. 106- Moran 113- boarman 120- Fair 126- Rooks 132- Rooks 138- Combest or Mulkey I'd have to say Combest though 145- McIntosh 152- Lee 160 (hardest for me to pick) Mappes but wouldn't be surprised to see south on top 170- Fattore 182- Walton 195- Davidson 220- Paris 285- Pokorney
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