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  1. That was impressive! Congrats to him and his family.
  2. Ill take Hockaday.... Stanley is going to be really tough. 120-132 is going to be really tough.
  3. That was ridiculous. So the clock stopped for almost 20-25 seconds? Match should have been over
  4. That's awesome!! What a great season!! Kerkvelit is really good. Beat him 3 times and dominated everyone else. Well deserved
  5. Congrats to both wrestlers. What a great game plan from Goodwin. I watched him wrestle last year at state and he was a little more reckless. This year his focus and fundamentals were incredible. Ruhlman lost to a CP wrestler under the lights three years in a row. That is crazy
  6. He is impressive. Has a few real good attacks, fun to watch
  7. That was a horrible call. Krejsa and Bahl will be big match. Krejsa looks tough
  8. Merritt took Goin to his back at Al Smith. That's a big one and BB vs. Cp at 113 that's a big one
  9. Goin did not look like himself. Was extremely tired. Not sure if sick or hurt but if he is not 100% that gives BB and CG a big chance. Jendreas vs. Haines will be a big match
  10. Goin was gassed hard. He has to battling something. Never seen him so tired in a match
  11. Agree Ruhlman Goin Then a big gap to Lowery and Frazier
  12. Great to hear! Good luck to him. Been a lot fun watching him wrestle.
  13. Is Flo/track doing the semi-states? Or do you have to purchase through ihsaatv.org? Thanks
  14. Does Jesse still have one more year to qualify for junior worlds? Or is his eligibility up? If so 60kg should be perfect for him this year. Good luck to him at big tens and ncaa's!
  15. Nice come from behind win on the road! Should secure a 2 seed at the big tens if he beats Burwick next week.
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