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  1. Crown Point lower weights are tough. A lot of freshman too. Didn't realize they had that much young talent.
  2. Sometimes after the event the videos are released for free. I thought last year's event was, I could be wrong.
  3. Do you have to pay for this service?
  4. Interested to hear how the boarman/mendez match went. Did Boarman get a takedown on Mendez? Was also interested how the consolation matches went in this bracket seemed like some upsets along the way.
  5. How many coaches does Crown Point have?
  6. Mendez reminds me of Ben Whitford and has some Nolf in him as well. He is not bothered by being taken down as he wrestles with so many attacks and seems to try new moves in matches.
  7. Will be interesting to see how big he gets and what weight he will be it senior year into college. He is fun to watch wrestle
  8. Wow he was impressive, very composed for a Freshman. Named OW of Cadet World Team Trials. His weight was stacked. He has so many different attacks and is non stop even against the best high school wrestlers in the country.
  9. Mendez with a win over #3 Serrano at 138. Mendez hit a 5 point throw midway thru the 1st period won 7-7. Puts him in the finals.
  10. 412 wins 2 losses. Alex and Jason Tsirtsis that is ridiculous. 8 state titles
  11. Anybody see the match? How did Boarman score?
  12. Mendez would win that match imo.. Mendez reminds me so much of Ben Whitford from Michigan.
  13. Wow! Mendez was impressive.
  14. Quiorga seemed to be a solid favorite that year. Cashe ran through everyone. Tsirtsis had a solid game plan in the semifinals that year. Tsirtsis may have lost in a dual against the merriville wrestler on a late reversal? Then maj. dec him at semi-state Micic took it to Lee if I recall.
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