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  1. Nice, thanks for the info! Good luck to Jesse
  2. Sig40 this a tough cut for him? Good luck this weekend! Should be some good wrestling this weekend
  3. Im sure it has been asked or stated what are Carroll's accomplishment in Indiana (state placer?). That young man is a beast.
  4. Good luck to him in cross country. Maybe he will get the belt next year.
  5. Sig40, Jesse going to Super32 this year? I know a lot of kids that wrestle who's number #1 don't. Fun to watch that kid wrestle. His pace is ridiculous.
  6. Just watched. Mendez was really impressive! Vandervere looked 10lbs bigger, anybody else notice that? Was there a wt allowance? Hopefully he gets a rematch with Van Ness. Mendez wrestling super 32?
  7. No I did not. Mendez control the match?
  8. Just saw on Flo this was in Hammond. Looked like some IN wrestlers in it. Mendez looked to have a close match with that freshman, soon to be soph, from IL that won state last year at 120, Bailey. Anybody see any of the matches. Looked like some good talent. Haas vs. Tabor in the finals at 220.
  9. Hollendoner Friday, quarter and semi matches were pretty fun to watch. He might have been done Friday night if Morrisett doesn't take down. Think he was up 1 or 2 to 0 before the cradle. A
  10. The Mendez/Bolivar result is puzzling. Even with Mendez going up a wt. I assume he wins that match 9 out of 10 times. I thought I heard he got caught on his back late after being up??
  11. 182: (Dekalb) over Aaron Ayala Fall :33 (0-6) 195: (Dekalb) over Matt McElroy(CP) Dec 9-5 (0-9) 220: (Dekalb) over Jake Woods(CP) Fall 5:39 (0-15) 285: #9 George Colbert(Dekalb) over Jack Ruess(CP) Fall :23 (0-21) 106: Sam Goin(CP) over #2 Ben Aranda(Dekalb) Fall 5:15 (6-21) 113: Logan Frazier(CP) over (Dekalb) Fall 2:35 (12-21) 120: Riley Bettich(CP) over FF (18-21) 126: Stephen Roberson over #7 Blake Mcgee(Dekalb) Dec 2-0 (21-21) 132: Jesse Mendez over #3 Tommy Curran(Dekalb) Maj 21-7 (25-21) 138: Cody Goodwin(CP) over (Dekalb) Fall 1:23 (31-21)
  12. pretty sure Mendez teched curran earlier in the season, curran came in second.
  13. If you purchase the state finals do you get both Friday and Saturday for the $15 cost? Thanks
  14. He was wrestling really well. No Cp people have info?
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