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  1. That injury did not look good. He could not even put weight on his right leg. Hope he we will be okay for jr worlds.
  2. Wow! Great tournament for Mendez. Into the finals. He seems to just keep getting better.
  3. agree thought he had the rideout as well. but he could have been hit with stalling again
  4. Great tournament! He was impressive
  5. Wow what a horrible way to lose. On video you could not see the singlet pull. He was all but about to get that takedown but if he did grab the singlet maybe that helped???
  6. Boarman hung in there. Thought he should have been hit with a couple more stall calls but he wrestled smart and Mendez tried to ride the whole first period. He gave Boarman a lot of respect.
  7. Chesterton started how they finished semi state. Wow that was an impressive opening round.
  8. Angel Escobedo vs. Shane Perkey was a good semi in early 2000's. Petrov/Campbell was good. Tsirtsis vs. Cashe Q was a good match
  9. Mendez is really good and fun to watch . Boarman/Mendez at Flo was fun to watch. Looking forward to that match Sat.
  10. Crown point losing Goodwin was big. He would have scored a lot of points and had a really good shot to win. I think Chesterton or Perry wins the teams race. Should be close. The way Chesterton wrestled last week I think they are slight favorite. EMD has some tough draws
  11. Lemely/Frazier, Estrada/Ellis and Torres/Roberson matches have been really good. One more week for sure maybe even two.
  12. wow Goodwin being out is a huge blow for CP. Thought he might win 145
  13. What happened to 'Willems at 182 for CP? Thought he had a nice season going and would make some noise in the post season
  14. Great dual! Dual definitely started at 138 tho. Looking at the box score it seems it ended at 126. 132 Roberson vs. Gonzalez was the final match.
  15. Maybe you right with 70,82,220, but still my point is that all that was settled and CP bumped up weights as the dual started at 138. So after HW was over CP did not have to bump up weights. Maybe for some reason they did and only the coaches know but just watching it without knowing it seemed they could have wrestled 113 and 120 without bumping weights
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