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  1. What does cp line up look like? Somebody really good like a state qualifier or placer may be a back up
  2. Very impressive! CP looks to be getting another good one. Looking at track wrestling he was not wrestling for RWA or Bulldog Primier. So I was not thinking Crown Point. Good luck to him.
  3. Wow. I thought he was in 9th grade. Where is headed to next year?
  4. Where does he go to high school. Pretty impressed with him this weekend.
  5. Wow that's huge! Jason Tsirtsis moving from Griffith to CP, changed that CP program like no other. CP would have still been good and was a solid program but him moving to CP made them a powerhouse. Many have followed after him. Region Wrestling Academy and now Bulldog Premier they sure do get the most out of those wrestlers and people want to move to CP. Where is Christian Carroll wrestling this year?
  6. Any big Move in or transfers for this year?
  7. J Tsirtsis benefited from a redshirt year big time. I saw him at the midlands his true freshman year and he had a little trouble on bottom. Then his redshirt freshman year at 149 he won because he was able to escape from the best riders. I think Jesse should do the same.
  8. Agree he should redshirt next year. He is a 133lb.. 141 is not a great wt for him next year imo. But he is really good wrestler. Bouzakis strength has been a huge challenge to him in these first couple matches and I think Mendez is better in freestyle
  9. Can't wait. Like Dustin Schlatter vs. Metcalf finally happening. Going to be great. Mendez seems to be wrestling great but don't think he has ever beat Bouzakis. Mendez in 3?!?!
  10. Mendez seems to be a perfect 133lb but so does Bouzakis.
  11. Thanks. Wow was not expecting that result. Thought maybe it might be close loss with the size difference. Give Mendez credit for going up a weight to try to get that revenge match.
  12. Anybody who has Rudis give a recap of Mendez match at the conclusion or play by play would be much appreciated! Thanks
  13. Swiderski is tough. Hopefully Jesse can get 3 or 4 takedowns. Is there a wt allowance Sig? Hopefully it is scratch 145
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