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  1. If Mendez wins against McKenna and Lee loses does he get a chance for true second?
  2. Maybe Lemley vs. Mendez in the quarters??
  3. Shephard vs. Ison was a really good. Two high level wrestlers. Shepherd is a lot like J Tsirtsis
  4. These are kids. Tough losses for CP with a lot of pressue the original poster didn't help. But give Brownsburg credit they were awesome. CP lost some tough matches and Brownsburg won them. Awesome job by them. Myers wrestled a smart match. Larocca and Jendreas was a great match.
  5. He is tough and does wrestle a lot like Tsirtsis but takes a few more risks and D is not as solid at this age but I think he is better on his feet as a freshman. He did look like he gassed in the 3rd today. Maybe first match at state was a little excited and got tired.
  6. Calling Ison over Shepherd and Ison wins it all. Think that will be the difference in the team race. Reynolds vs. Hawkins will be big. Paul Clark losing was big. Should be some good wrestling tomorrow.
  7. Wow that is huge in the team race. That will be hard to overcome against a team like Brownsburg and CG.
  8. Watch the CP vs. Mt. Carmel dual. Ref was calling double stalling early and often.
  9. Is the finals pay per view on ihsaatv or free.
  10. Ok did not realize that. But even his loses were tight this weekend. He was really close to be in the finals losing in double OT. He finds his form this match will be good. Hawkins is not a real threat on his feet, but he is tough as nails in top and bottom wrestling. If Mosier gets in he has to finish which isn't easy against Hawkins
  11. Mosier vs. Hawkins will be good. Mosier lost to Hockaday by 1 last year in the semis. This could be a really good match.
  12. 126- Hawkins, Mosier, Reynolds and Bragg. That is pretty tough quarter. What others are toughest? There could be some good 1 vs. 4 matchups as well.
  13. Is this match on flo? Looking at track wrestling looks Like Chicoine was up early
  14. I think it will be closer than many might think. Lemely is tough. They know each pretty well. Mendez 8-3. Lemely was always much smaller than Mendez
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