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  1. alcorntr

    Mount Vernon (Posey) vs. Washington

    Mount Vernon (Posey)
  2. alcorntr

    Mount Vernon (Posey) vs. Princeton

    Mount Vernon (Posey)
  3. alcorntr

    Boonville vs. Mount Vernon (Posey)

  4. alcorntr

    Mount Vernon (Posey) vs. Mount Carmel(IL)

    Mount Vernon (Posey)
  5. alcorntr

    Mount Vernon (Posey) vs. Jasper

    Mount Vernon (Posey)
  6. alcorntr


    Mount Vernon (Posey)
  7. alcorntr


    Mount Vernon (Posey)
  8. alcorntr


    Mount Vernon (Posey)
  9. alcorntr


    Mount Vernon (Posey)
  10. alcorntr


    Mount Vernon (Posey)
  11. alcorntr


    Mount Vernon (Posey)
  12. alcorntr

    Dec 15th teams needed for 6 way tournament

    What teams do you have?
  13. MV (Posey) has 2 points to fill. Open dates would be 11/17, 11/24, 12/22, or 1/12. Anyone have openings? *We are located in the southern most tip of the state. Looking for openings in this part of the state* Please email me (Tim Alcorn) at alcorntr@mvschool.org
  14. alcorntr

    Jared Williams

    These sentiments go double from myself and the Mt. Vernon program. Coach Williams was gracious enough to add us to his Hall of Fame Classic and was always hospitable. Thanks coach! Tim Alcorn MV Wrestling
  15. alcorntr

    Looking for a low cost dual team

    Border Wars Mt. Vernon, IN June 16-17th $25 for a free agent. We will put you on a team. 8-10 matches on the weekend. See Tournaments forum for more details

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