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  1. Dunno if this is significant but MD JV devoured Avon Varsity What happened to the Orioles?
  2. I live about a hour away from the RAC and will make the 65 mile drive to NJ
  3. Agreed! If the IHSAA is holding back your child feel free to move to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They will get all the exposure on their backs they can handle.
  4. The 92 Lawrence North did have 4 state champs but that was all. The 03 Wildcats had 4 champs, a runner up, 2 3rds, and 5th. Correct me if I'm wrong
  5. They need younger referees who can get into position quicker and start calling back points. There were multiple incidences during state finals weekend where wrestlers had their opponents on their backs and the refs were too told and out of shape to get into position and start swiping for back points. Some were pinned for 5 seconds+ because the ref was still standing up and not in position to call the pin. Many many incidences
  6. Things went downhill after Coach Svarkopf and Deckard left
  7. Bingo! MD wrestlers usually don't choose the D2 or Juco pathe either. It's Big Ten or Bust
  8. Not even the greatest recruiters today could ever put a team with 4 straight state champs like the Wildcats
  9. They are probably too young to remember. 4 time semi finalist and 2 time finalis. Garret Pepples and Brayden Bailey ALMOST became GOATs
  10. If you were in the MD wrestling room in the 80's and 90's you would understand most Wildcats had the physical talent to compete at the D1 level but not the intellectual talent to go to a D1 school. None of us became NASA scientist.
  11. I'm sure Mishawaka fans are concerned themselves drawing Parkinson
  12. Nick Lee won one state championship and Blake won 4
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