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  1. A darkhorse is someone who chokes previous years and then finally get the job done once. You have first hand experience with that
  2. Freeman and Rioux should be a good one
  3. Good Shepherd must not produce wrestlers like they do football and basketball players. Very surprised Freeman is not at 120
  4. The Orioles will feel the WRATH of the MD stacked lineup
  5. McCraken Co Pie imported form across the Ohio River
  6. A few Wildcats had major growth spurts
  7. Saturday's menu for the Wildcats will be buffalo Oriole wings, Red Devil salad, and Panther filet mignon with some mashed Knights,
  8. Some of these Freshman are so so so badass as they will devour their upperclassman opponents. Simply put Boys shanking Men
  9. Super Frosh is a Hammer Freshman who eats State Runner up and returning champs Examples: SuperFrosh Nick Lee devours some runner up from Penn, SuperFrosh Joe Lee devours James and most recently Mendez totally devouring Watts. He would have devoured Curtis too
  10. And don't why the rankers have Boarman at 138.
  11. It should be a "Coke move" kid of day. Wildcats will devour Vikings. MD will score 50+ points
  12. A. Didn't make lineup B. Academically Ineligible C. Can't handle the 25 4 and 1 around the gym That's why someone quits at MD
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