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  1. Nick Lee and Kyle Luigs filled the seats in Bloomington. So many EMD fans in attendance
  2. Senior Synder if I had to bet the house. A Olympic World Champ should be able to take out a junior Cadet world champ
  3. He was gonna get pinned anyways even if he didn’t mock Nolf
  4. Until a team comes up with 158pts like 03 Mater Dei there shouldn’t be an argument
  5. “Draw into the Ft Wayne SS and it’s easy living”
  6. Brownsburg will take anyone especially from Evansville
  7. THe announcer will not have a voice if he had to do 2 or 3 state championship weekends in a row
  8. Mendez won’t lose his junior year either like Lee
  9. At least the mopped up with 11 7th and 8 place finishes
  10. Unlike Lee Mendez was able to put returning state champ on his back and win. Lee didn’t! No excuses
  11. Commodus wounded Maximus for the slight advantage
  12. Looks like a race between the Parochial schools and the One Hit Wonders
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