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  1. Who ya got , I'm goin with Ben
  2. Festival seating run like hell put your signs or coats kids whatever is close by on the seats u wantand hold it down
  3. Both have had phanominal yes thus far , we seen how the preseason match went, how you think the match would fare now both had a full season to shine?
  4. What program do you think will have most wrestlers under the lights Saturday night. I see possibly Roncali with 3 ,Avon 2, Cathedral possible 2
  5. Going into regionals what's some of the top first round match-ups you've seen ,, go hard or go home
  6. Watch out for the youngster from Culver ,, 182 Donahue wrestling great
  7. Cutting weight is apart of the sport sounds like some whiny parents thats never wrestled got ahold of the MEDIA Ill stand behind coaches of carmel any day!!
  8. Great job by Austin Lane /Perry @Al Smith great time to be peaking. Win over #2 ranked Penn wrestler
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