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  1. Reminder no club next week as we are on Spring Break. We will resume Monday April 5th 6-7:30!
  2. Well you are clearly talking about Garrett vs Cathedral for 3rd at 106. Bottom line is Henry was counting near fall on our kid when his back was not past 90 degrees as they were in a scramble situation . Our head coach questioned this and asked for the second refs opinion and he determined there was no near fall. This is nothing uncommon as we had this happen to us at 113 the previous round vs Goshen. The match was a nail biter and we were happy to come out with a win in double OT. I can guarantee you Coach Seltzer would have questioned the call if the situation was reversed. Both kids wrestl
  3. We are back Monday at 6 with Indiana Tech Coach and Jimtown Legend Collin Crume! Don’t miss out on what should be a night of great technique and live battles. We have been averaging 40+ on Monday’s and Wednesday’s so it should be a good group!
  4. We are back this week Monday and Wednesday 6-7:30! Those will be our normal days going forward. The last two weeks have been really good rooms with around 40 kids from several schools learning some great technique and having good scraps of live wrestling!
  5. I know my HS team has double entered weights (2 189s) as our freshman 103 was hurt and saved for the Team State series. I think the reason Michigan can do this is they do not score any of the individual tournaments in the state series as they have Team Districts/Regionals/State to determine the champions.
  6. We will be starting our club/RTC this Monday! Last year we had great numbers from a variety of area schools. Don’t miss out on what has been a great room where everybody is improving! Must have USA card. You may even see the famous Poppe shuffle!
  7. Fielden Garrett pins Lone Northwood. Fielden 2-0 decision over Minnick Eastside.
  8. Anything involving the Gen HeavyHandz/Major Ursula/Commander Wayne.
  9. In fairness we Michiganders add an S to everything. Meijers Krogers States etc
  10. We are back at it tomorrow 6-7:30! There will be plenty of technique and live as we prepare for competition next weekend!
  11. Garrett will be running into July.
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