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  1. Ben DavisCarmelCarroll(Fort Wayne)Crown PointFishersHomesteadLawrence CentralMount Vernon (Fortville)NoblesvilleNorthviewPrincetonShenandoahWestfieldWhitelandYorktownZionsville I don't recall Whiteland being there in the past. They must have take Roncalli's place.
  2. Participating Teams: Ben DavisCarmelCarroll(Fort Wayne)Crown PointFishersHomesteadLawrence CentralMount Vernon (Fortville)NoblesvilleNorthviewPrincetonShenandoahWestfieldWhitelandYorktownZionsville
  3. Please continue to pray for Michael & his family. He was taken in for brain surgery around 5:00 AM this morning.
  4. Northviews Zach Williams -220 & Justin Sampson-285 were both 5-0. Sampson is 12-0 on the year.
  5. Thank you so much for the update. I had parents asking last night at practice. I will be sure to pass the wonderful information on!!
  6. Please keep us updated on little Mathew Poff's condition. We parents sat there in the stands and watched as he was taken out. We were all quite concerning. Prayers from your friends at Wabash Valley Wrestling Club.
  7. aminor9502


    Totally agree. It was ran very smoothly with no problems that our Club incurred. We took 13 wrestlers & had them in both gyms. Hats off the the ISWA!!
  8. From what I have been told, there are two gyms & not alot of seating so bring chairs. This comes from families who have attended in the past.
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