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  1. Absolutely regionrat! Every minute of it. We hope to be under them again next year! Just didn’t see the point of these posts. As for the rest I’m done discussing this.
  2. I’d have to say the reactions to the comments are pretty good indicators of the type of comments made. TripleBs “sneak one in”
  3. Go for it. We’ll be in 102. And yes disappointing but this post was just unnecessary. That’s why I’m saying something not bc I’m upset over his loss, it’s taken with humility just as he showed.
  4. Idc if it’s all in fun or not quite honestly. My brother has a heart of gold and people want to make fun of him? Need I remind you of the loss of our brother a few years ago? He doesn’t need to get on here to see this garbage. And if you want to find out shoottowin come make yourself known next year when we’re at the bank again. This never needed to be posted.
  5. Pretty classy a bunch grown men ridiculing a kid who has overcome more adversity at such a young age than any of you will ever have to. Grow up. I’m sure you’d be quick to say these things to his 2 older brothers and father’s faces as well? Highly unlikely.
  6. Would the depth of the weight class be a factor as well or just straight placement?
  7. http://www.thestarpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/02/09/fresh-start-dj-bell-grew-up-then-helped-rebuild-cowan-wrestling/320651002/
  8. So if the kid that can’t wrestle places second or first at his regional do the 3rd and 4th placers move to the respective spots and the alternate take the 4th placers seed?
  9. During my time at New Castle we had compression uniforms to practice in. I’m not a fan of the fight shorts.
  10. I don’t really see Warren coming out on top against Walton.
  11. Still an admirable feat nonetheless finishing a season undefeated. Right now it doesn’t mean much in my eyes.
  12. To add onto other points being made, one I’ve not seen brought up would be the weight factor. Typically I’d say kids want to “beef” up for football season then transition straight to wrestling making their first weight cuts more difficult. Feel confident to say we’ve all seen some of the outcomes of weight cutting in mma recently. Maintaining is obviously key in that aspect and rapid cutting is not healthy at any age.
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