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  1. Whats you picks for friday night and what are the toughest first round matches?
  2. Banks and turley/ Banks and Ellis two of my favorite matches of the day @ east chicago. Both were nail bitters. hate to see banks not make it his senior but congrats to ellis and his family! cant wait to see what banks does next
  3. If some schools dont have practice, does the weight allowance still have an effect?
  4. definitely agree it will be a great match.
  5. Do you not know that Banks has Calhoun(2nd in the state @152) has been with him for a while now. But i understand your point of view but dont over look Banks
  6. I dont know why so many people are over looking banks? Turley is tough but I believe banks will beat him. I respect everyone's opinion but I think Banks is getting underestimated
  7. I think he could make it out . but Cervantes will be a tough match for him.
  8. Not saying he wont be tough. I just think Banks has the experience and maturity over turley and that should take him to the win.
  9. Banks and Ellis will be a tough one @145
  10. All i got to say is Banks deserves a lot more respect than what he is getting. Ive watched this kid for awhile now and If anyone is an underdog that could come out a state qualifier its him. Ticket round will be tough for Banks and Ellis both. Both are tough wrestlers not picking a favorite just will be a good match to watch
  11. How could anyone have Pack above Banks? Pack has placed below Banks at sectionals and regionals and Banks BEAT Pack at regionals. Its not science guys just look at the facts
  12. 106-Moran, Cruz, Diaz, Reagan 113-Moreno, Diaz, Hegedus, Tolin 120-Triana, Peele, Bautista, Kaiser 126-Poynter, Demine, Gomez, DeVault 132-Bryant, Rodriguez, Betourne, Taylor 138-Rumph, Dembowski, Davis, Burford 145-McIntosh, Laplace, Banks, Pack 152-Calhoun, Lamore, Washington, Ruble 160-Kasch, Lemley, Hoover, Kensinger 170-Fattore, Crary, Traficanti, Brown 182-Girgenti, Sneed, Lockett, Washington 195-Davison, Fowler, Schoonveld, Hurley 220-Streck, LaFree, Mochen, Thomas 285-Pokorney, McW
  13. Whats your picks and predictions for the brackets? Good ticket round match ups? Top 4 for every weight class?
  14. what about 145 Laplace and Banks? they wrestled over the summer and it was a pretty good match. Early this season they wrestled and Banks didnt look good or healthy at all. But hes been on a another level lately. Im excited to see that match. Same with Calhoun and Walker. Two studs but Calhoun is doing beyond excellent this year.
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