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  1. Click, Spin, Click, Spin, Click, Spin Wooooooo...... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! It’s the Thread Show Stopper, Faster Trigger Finger East or West of the Mississippi... Spit ! Pistol Pete Pistol just make this simple & clear as Pistol looking at Pistols shotguns in the mirror, Click, Click... getting ready to cheer on Pistols Oklahoma State Cowboys Wrestlers for the Big 12 Conference Championships . @DrunkJoeNamath bring out fake guns, Pistol recommends the real deal Holyfield of Guns pointing . You see .... Pistol ain’t scurd to pull the
  2. Click, Spin, Click, Spin, Click, Spin Wooooooooo........ Bang! Bang! Bang! Pistol, is your Huckleberry on this Sky Pee thing . Spit ! Pistol can answer all you’ins questions about 34x National Champs Oklahoma State Wrestling . Pistol can answer all you’ins questions about the 6x world champion and 2x Olympic Champ Great John Smith and how Pistol took down The Great John Smith with his own patented sweep single while he was hopping on my horse. I gave myself 2 cause I touched his leg see.... listen here ! Pistol won ! Spit ! What you denying I sc
  3. Click, Spin, Click, Spin, Click, Click, Spin Spit ! I’m your huckleberry @TeamGarcia @FCFIGHTER170 Woooooooo..... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Fastest Trigger Finger in the Galaxy Pistol Pete
  4. click ... spin ... click... spin .... click .... spin.... click... spin.... click.... spin... click ... spin Wooooooooooooooooo..... BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! Pistol Pete
  5. Woooooooooooooo...... Woooooooooooo...... BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! Did some body say Fight Season ..... BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! since we’ins challenging people on Indianamat Interwebs . Yes... that’s what Pistol read on this thread . it’s Pistol Pete ..... your big bad shootin, one good eye showing up for a gun fight, 2 blazin Colt 357, hollow points, fastest automatic trigger finger in the World..... maybe in the Galaxy. Not to mention your 34x NCAA National Champions Oklahoma State Cowboys mascot . Thee one ..... Thee Onlyest PISTOL PETE ! I’ll make ya Famous !
  6. Wooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol would Like to welcome Shawn to Dem Boyz . Go Pokes Pistol Pete
  7. Mus of cause you replying . Even Pistol can see that wit one good eye . They’ll Make Ya Famous .... Wooooo Wooooo...... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! 34x National Wrestling Champs Oklahoma State Cowboys Pistol Pete
  8. Wooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Thats how you make a Entertainment Since these amateurs wanna play meteorologist, fortune tellers, wannabe fortune cookies ... which Pistol eats everyday to get his magical powers, Pistols trigger fingers gotta get feed . Heck ya, Pistol called you wannabes cause your trying to do something your not good at like predicting stuff . Going to give you some examples of Pistols abilities: 1. Pistol predicted when Chuck Norris was born, soon after Oklahoma State wins 34 National Championships. 2. Pistol predicted when the Dinosaur died “I
  9. Pistol agrees with @TeamGarcia , your a Homer of Mater Dei like he is of Avon. Wooooo... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  10. Pistol agree with you to @RKS22 . @TeamGarcia is so angry right now those panties hurt so much. Such a Homer picking all 9 Avon guys . Take that @TeamGarcia cause you said Pistol was spotted down in Evansville hold up Sectional brackets. Wrong Hater ! Pistol was in Madison County hold up their Sectional brackets to stay on . You think you know Pistol. Woooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  11. Chad Red vs. Nick Lee ..... SUNDAY Woooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete Young Gunz Gang
  12. Crap ...... and it Begins ! Woooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang! Pistol Pete
  13. Pistol wants to know of the Ranked individuals and who’s Ranked now . Can someone breakdown who’s been tested the most (Wins) over ranked top guys at the 3/4 mark of the Season leading into Conference and the State Series ? Lots of individual results are in for this . Maybe give Top 10 of tested wrestlers to this point, winning percentage ? @maligned or @Indysportsfan Pistol Pete Woooooo..... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Young Gunz Gang
  14. 2018 Josh Lowe Press Release... The 58th edition of the nation’s oldest continuous running “holiday” tournament returns to Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School on Friday, December 28 and Saturday, December 29. The field will feature an event-record 51 teams in total, including 21 programs from northeast Ohio battling it out with a diverse field of teams from across Ohio, three from the state of Michigan, and three from Indana Featured from the teams this field are 147 wrestlers that have previously appeared in a state wrestling tournament. This inclu
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