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  1. CatLover


    [move]I love my kitty Dallas with all my heart! Anyone else like cats?[/move]
  2. Quote from Logan Stieber on twitter: "if you watch it in slow mo, you could probably get a 5 count" - @LogiBear_
  3. http://intermatwrestle.com/Files/pdf/12-13/bigtenchampionships.pdf
  4. Little highlight video from the weekend
  5. i am also look for 3 finals tickets too
  6. 106: Lee 113: Micic 120: Phillips 126: Crume 132: LeCount 138: Carroll 145: Molloy 152: Farrell 160: McCloskey 170: Lefever 182: Hurford 195: Sliga 220: Robinson 285: Bernard
  7. Howe beat David Taylor, last years hodge trophy winner, at the Olympic trials last year. Taylor teched and pinned his way through nationals. I highly doubt that Sliga vs. Howe would be a great match.
  8. I'm willing to bet that Taylor will beat Dake sometime this season.
  9. I heard that he did spin drills for an hour strait to work theses Pzacki's off
  10. Along with Y2, I have also heard that Mike Papi (spelling ???) is wrestling at state this weekend. From what I remember he has a killer headlock and arm spin along with a great bundle. Has anyone else heard anything about Mike Papi?
  11. One camp that I really like is the Jeff Jordan State Champ Camp. You learn some really good technique, drill, and live wrestle a lot. Also you should think about joining a club over the summer that you can go to every week to get better.
  12. One time the ref made my coach say please so I could get the points that the ref forgot to give me.
  13. 1. Tsirtsis 2. Sliga 3. Brooks 4. Jackson 5. McKinley 6. Todd 7. Ayersman 8. Boston 9. Molloy 10. Micic
  14. I heard Jeffery Clark from Ft. Wayne Carroll isn't wrestling this year.
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