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  1. I don’t know how many times i said this last weekend. So many nearfalls and takedowns that one ref calls and another calls out. Make it same as college and there is very little variance, very little room for error, less room for more ref determining the outcome. Also have more action, scoring and less breaks
  2. Méndez has dominated. 5-2 mendez
  3. Awesome to see two bigguns stay active for 6. Was awesome!
  4. Anyone else having trouble getting the state brackets to load on track?
  5. What are some thoughts on some wide open (generally means more entertaining) weights this year? 220 has to be most wide open?
  6. @ NM #8 Drew Webster pinned #3 Irick avenging his only loss!
  7. Totally Get it no worries. Was just curious.
  8. I assumed because I been on last week or so keeping tabs on dream team info but missed it I guess
  9. I was hoping for 2-3 wins. Hell of a showing by our guys. On paper there looked to be some real lopsided matches and we wrestled hard and were in most matches. I think this was great exposure for our state on the national stage. Great job wrestlers and thanks to all you guys who made it possible. Ur work is truely appreciated!! Thanks!!! Glad I drove to burg to take in this awesome show!!
  10. I’m not trying to bring up more negativity, but what are these comments in reference too?
  11. Saw BTN had big 12 tournament on there never saw big ten???
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