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  1. Sgyorks

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Totally Get it no worries. Was just curious.
  2. Sgyorks

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    I assumed because I been on last week or so keeping tabs on dream team info but missed it I guess
  3. Sgyorks

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    I was hoping for 2-3 wins. Hell of a showing by our guys. On paper there looked to be some real lopsided matches and we wrestled hard and were in most matches. I think this was great exposure for our state on the national stage. Great job wrestlers and thanks to all you guys who made it possible. Ur work is truely appreciated!! Thanks!!! Glad I drove to burg to take in this awesome show!!
  4. Sgyorks

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    I’m not trying to bring up more negativity, but what are these comments in reference too?
  5. Saw BTN had big 12 tournament on there never saw big ten???
  6. Was looking thru track and saw Tommy forte seemed on a good roll fall of ‘15 @ Buffalo. Then no matches after that? Anybody know what happened. Tried to look up Cody lecount and Brandon James. Nothing came up. Knew James started at ODU and believe is at Indiana now and lecount started at central mich? Just trying to catch up on the non big 10 Indiana kids? Thanks for any info!
  7. Sgyorks


    Is there still a spot on the site that has a list of college signings? Thanks
  8. Sgyorks

    Sprinting to get seats

    I don’t Understand why on Monday when people know who is going to be at state they can’t put the tickets online. for the schools first and then sell general admission a couple hours later and people buy seat numbers that eliminates our kid didn’t get there so we don’t want these tickets now and also eliminates any of the running fighting bull crap that goes on trying to save seats or everybody have to be there three hours early and stand in line for seats. It’s so ridiculous I can’t fathom a system that is actually worse
  9. Sgyorks


    Thanks. I hate that. Was looking forward to watching him
  10. Sgyorks


    I see kleimola is starting at 197. Is Blake healthy and getting beat out by Jake? That would surprise me? And kleimola been having rough go? Just seeing what was going on. Was looking forward to seeing rypel on BtN!
  11. Sgyorks

    Stevan Micic

    Looked great against Montoya. Thought wrestled Clark well too just didn't get to offense. Thought coulda got that reversal called? Great start for him!
  12. Sgyorks


    Well I knew he lost his sister and best friend too I'm wondering if it's all just piling on. Hoping the best for him. Hate to see a young kid that's a good kid like him have to go through all of that and try to compete at the highest level. Hopefully he can balance it all and focus. But man it would be hard to do.
  13. Wondering what you guys thought of the short match? Thought he was back on track with the win over pantaleo and a nice TF. Then gets tossed in the last 10 secs to loose to short. Just looked gassed or unengaged last 30?
  14. Sgyorks

    Chad Welch

    Gotcha thanks for the info!

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