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  1. Just a quick note to let everyone know that this tourney is a limited tourney. We are a small school and want to make it enjoyable for all who attend. Please see the flier to get registration info. We do not use TrackWrestling. Registration must be done using our forms. Looking forward to hosting our 12 annual tourney. formerwrestler
  2. I know there is a database of all Indiana USA Wrestling Card holders, but can't remember how to access it on the ISWA site. Can someone point me in the right direction? Just wanting to be sure all my kids have the wrestling cards. Thanks,
  3. We just keep the old weight classes and the new ones. No real good way of combining them in my opinion.
  4. Agreed. Been watching this young man since first meeting him and his father at the tournament of champions in Columbus many years ago. Will always pull for Andrew!
  5. Coaches: Some of you may have the same trouble I am having getting USA card numbers from the parents of wrestlers. The good news is you can access the database of all the card holders by name on the ISWA site: Go to iswa.com an select Membership, then Athlete at the top of the home page. Then click on 2013-2014 USAW Competitor Members. They are all there. You can find a wrestler by searching using Control F. We try to update daily but it does take 24 hours for them to receive their card via email. You can except a paypal receipt as proof of purchase. The receipts have the wrestlers
  6. Bump. Have extended registrations. Please send an e-mail listing a cell number and club name to the e-mail listed for info and forms, by Monday, 3/3.
  7. What about Corsaro 18-2! Amazing on his feet!
  8. Thanks, JD. I knew it would be before Friday, but wanted to be sure I did not miss it.
  9. Tipton High School looking for additional wrestling opportunities. Please send me a PM if you have any openings, tourney, single, double or triple duals, etc. Need some mat time. Weather has been brutal on our schedule this year. Thanks, formerwrestler
  10. Sorry to hear of Dave's passing. Very caring mentor to a lot of Indiana wrestlers. He will be missed. RIP, Dave!
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