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  1. Union County: 1. Cody Phillips 2. Michael Duckworth 3. Chris Barnhizer 4. Casey Caldwell *5. Mason Gessell
  2. Greetings from NY, Just wanted to wish good luck to all the wrestlers and coaches participating in this sectional tomorrow. I know the quality and class that this event demonstrates is something I'll continue to remember as a coach and wrestling fan. In short, I'm going to miss not being there, but I've been promised updates by a certain Webo wrestler ( Don't forget Austin). Again, good luck to all in the state tourney. Coach Logue
  3. No comments yet. What the heck guys. FYI I called this as soon as it was announced. And, I don't think the outcome will be any different next time.
  4. Rd. 1: Webo 54; Cloverdale 12 Tri West 28; Danville 51 Clinton Prarie 0; Southmont 84 Crawfordsville 22; Frankfort 52 Rd. 2 Webo 15; Southmont 57 Danville 43; Frankfort 28 Tri West 24; Cloverdale 45 Crawfordsville 71; Clinton Prarie 12 Rd. 3: Webo 28; Danville 37 Cloverdale 54; Clinton Prarie 18 Crawfordsville 36; Tri West 30 Frankfort 33; Southmont 45 Rd. 4: Webo 33; Frankfort 38 Clinton Prarie 18; Tri West 60 Southmont 31; Danville 19 Cloverdale 34; Crawfordsville 33 Rd. 5: Webo 66; Clinton Prarie 6 Southmont 69; Tri West 3 Crawfordsville 15; Danville 65 Cloverdale 24; Frankfort 59
  5. There are a few returners that will pretty much lock it down. I'm also excited about some of the freshmen this year. It's definitely a group that will contribute and challenge upper classmen around the conference. The upper weights should be wide open.
  6. Most definitely the 45/15 second interval sprints we did on the resistance running machine in college (Sorry, I can't find a picture). This thing had to be from around 1970, but you held yourself up on two bars in a plank position and your feet went on two paddles and strapped in. Then, you sprinted and coach would crank up and down the resistance spring the entire time (Basically a resistance mountain climber). The record was 14 sets. I never got to 10. Puked every time, but really learned what it was to push through pain.
  7. Congratulations Cody, All the best in the future.
  8. Salinas, I'm not talking "cheesy DVD." I'm talking about working hard and smart. I can assure you people puke at my practices, but only when that is the desired result. Mental toughness is definitely key, but so is the intelligence to train in ways that prevent injury and teach proper technique and lifelong skills. Can't we get both tougher and smarter? Thanks Adrian for the earlier post. I've seen some of your wrestlers successes, and respect what you have to say. I am just beginning to expand my knowledge in this area. If you have any recommendations for further reading I'd appreciate it. Working to improve,
  9. Maybe I'm lucky, but I work with my football coach. We should all be training in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, Olympic Lifts, body weight calisthenics, functional movement training, agility and foot speed drills, etc. I know at a small school, we have to share athletes, so we focus on creating better athletes, not better wrestlers or football players. No matter what you're doing, I recommend a look at functional movement screening to identify and eliminate weaknesses and compensation in strength and flexibility. If you can prove to your football coach that what you do with your wrestlers can prevent injury, then I think you'll have success. It just takes a little research.
  10. I'll get him the message today if he hasn't already gotten it.
  11. flowrestling.org @ 6:00PM.
  12. This is definitely the best proposal I've seen. I'm with it all the way. I'd be curious to know what some of the big name schools have to say about it. It certainly silences the "Mishawaka vs. Penn" argument Also, what is the reality that we would need to book transportation several nights in a row that week. Not a big deal for me, but with the transportation budget of some schools being cut, this could become an issue.
  13. I agree with this, but whose perception is right. I'm sure we'll have member's of the IHSWCA disagreeing about the way this should be done. For this to be successful there has to be an committee with the authorization to set up the tournament, and an agreement by coaches to follow that set up. I think running our own tournament is an awesome idea, but a logistical nightmare. For this to work someone has to have the authority to make it work, and the initiative to see it through. Who is that going to be, and can that discussion really afford to wait until the fall meeting? "But in our enthusiasm, we could not resist a radical overhaul of the system, in which all of its major weaknesses have been exposed, analyzed, and replaced with new weaknesses." Bruce Leverett - "Register Allocation in Optimizing Compilers"
  14. I love the team tournament, and I would also love to see it classed (no matter who is in charge). My biggest question is this: Would coaches be required to be a member of the IHSWCA in order for their school to compete in an IHSWCA sponsored tournament?
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