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  1. BizzyCoach


    So what are thoughts on the Askren vs. Herbert exhibition yesterday at midlands? Impressive that Askren can come in without wrestling for a long time and still score funky takedowns on a world team member. Anyway, not what I expected, but still pretty cool that these guys would do this for fans of wrestling.
  2. BizzyCoach

    RANKINGS UPDATED 12/19 at 3:45PM Eastern

    Joshua DeBard of Western Boone pinned Eyster of Brownsburg in 4:53 @ 160 lbs.
  3. BizzyCoach


    What ever happened to the good ole days of the TEC talking about big matchups that weekend and rooting for each other's successes? I wrestled with and against several state caliber wrestlers during my time in the TEC, and I still occasionally hear about many of them contributing to wrestling across the state. Many of us should remember that mentality. I'm glad to hear that UCi is doing well, as that means some improved competition for everyone. As Fanman pointed out, we need to focus on succeeding outside of Randolf, Wayne, Henry, and Union counties. Semi-State and State are where you make a name for yourself. Respect has to be earned when the chips are on the table, and that means tournament time. Winning duals is fun. I know that, as I'm a coach. But I'd rather my kids work towards competing with the likes of those we'll see at New Castle and Conseco, then worry about having a good seed come the conference tourney. Lastly, I'm pondering heading over to New Pal on Saturday to see my alma mater. Does anyone have any info on start times and order of matches? Good luck to all TEC participants. I can say wholeheartedly you have some of the best fans around. Don't take it for granted.
  4. BizzyCoach

    Best Wrestling Name?

    I a big fan of Spencer Mango. Annnnnngelllll Essssssscooobedooooooo always sounded good. However, my personal favorites from Indiana have to be Phu Hong and Phong Hong. J.T. Young also always sounded cool at Conseco. I'd like to hear from some old guys about their favorites.
  5. BizzyCoach


    Ha! Thanks for the shoutout UcDad. I hope the season starts well for you guys this weekend.
  6. BizzyCoach


    Praying for the Findley's. Jesse was my age in school. Union County should take care of business. What TEC guys have a shot at Conseco this year?
  7. BizzyCoach

    Wrestling Stat Program

    I use Preferred Educational Software, and I like it. The matside is nice, and their tournament software allows for online tournament entry if you host a tournament.
  8. BizzyCoach

    Columbia City Head Wrestling Coach Position Is Open

    Cameron Troxell from Union City? Crazy. I haven't heard that name in forever.
  9. Great opportunity for a great cause. I have the Star article for Take Down Crime hanging on my bulletin board in my classroom and the kids always ask about it and are impressed.
  10. BizzyCoach


    I think there's a balance to be struck here. First, I don't think that physicality, or violence to call a spade a spade, isn't inherently bad for the popularity of the sport. This can be evidenced by the popularity of MMA in recent years. I think our problem with this is in two distinct areas. 1. Safety of our children: I am not a parent, and I admit that my views on this may change when I become one. This clip frightens us, because the implication is that those that we care about most could be hurt. Though this is true (and it is the reason we don't have freestyle in high schools), we cannot hope to grow a sport based on combat without accepting, and even embracing, some reasonable possibility of injury. 2. Attitude of the competitor: This is the bigger issue as far as I'm concerned. I would score the situation as shown in the video (3 points). However, I would argue that the move was unnecessarily rough. I AM NOT COMMENTING ON THE CHARACTER OF THE WRESTLER IN THE VIDEO. I do not know him, and I assume he is a fine young man who was not being malicious. As coaches we teach kids to go hard all the time. Yet, we expect them not take their intensity to a level of anger. That's a hard line to walk, even as an adult, and it's one of the greatest life lessons of the sport. Wrestling is not in danger if we can promote the positive aspects of the sport, including the physicality, and use the sport to teach the life lessons that we all know are available through it.
  11. BizzyCoach

    The Best Wrestler in the History of YOUR school

    Western Boone Jon McClain
  12. BizzyCoach

    weight class

    Totally agree. In fact, I'd much rather give up 10 lbs than be a freshman 189.
  13. BizzyCoach

    weight class

    103 has been very competitive, but as a former 103 lb wrestler I took far too many forfeits (which did nothing to make me a better wrestler) The new sectional format (10 teams) has helped, but under the old format (5 teams) I wrestled 2 matches and won 2 sectional titles (1 match at 103/1 match at 112). That just doesn't seem right. I'd like to see it moved up to 105 or 106, thereby drawing down some smaller 112 lb wrestlers and increasing the competition. As a coach at a small school, it's often difficult to find a 103 lb wrestler, and I'd hate to lose a team match due to forfeiting this weight class. This hasn't happened to me personally, but I'm sure it's happened to someone.
  14. BizzyCoach

    Riley McClurg?

  15. BizzyCoach

    The Best Wrestler in the History of YOUR school

    Union County's top 4 have to be the following: Kenneth "Casey" Caldwell (2nd in '05, National Qualifier for Navy) Chris Barnhizer (6th in '05 and 3rd in '06...Also the all-time wins leader) Michael Duckworth (2nd in '08, 1st in '09, 2nd in '10...will wrestle for Ohio University) Cody Phillips (1st in '09, 1st in '10...still has 2 more years of high school and is probably the odds on favorite for best in the history of the school if things continue)

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