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  1. devildog47959

    The Indianamat meet and greet

    The Dog & Count the Lights 219 are heading to the bank! Ready to cheer on the Region Rats, small school kids, & enjoy some smoothies! Lets Go!!!
  2. devildog47959

    2019 IHSWCA Team State Information

    Awesome thanks!!
  3. If this is already posted somewhere I apologize Can someone share the location of this event? Date- I believe it is this weekend? What are the teams competing in each class? Brackets? Streaming available? Thanks in advance!
  4. devildog47959

    Avon & Brownsburg HS Schedules

    Y2 - it has been a few years since i have been on the site and I am very impressed & thankful for the upgrades & time/effort/money put into the site I love the new results section with school logos and links to team pages I love all the info provided for each team awesome stuff! Carmel team page as an example, I love the past dual results listed right there but would it be too much to ask to have each team's full schedule listed on their team pages? Is this something the coaches could do themselves if not a member of your team? Just a thought Thanks!
  5. devildog47959

    Avon & Brownsburg HS Schedules

    I will do my best to make the Logan Regional it has been a few since I visited the Berry Bowl. You're right this tournament is always full of drama and suspense! I need to do my HW on these sectionals so I can come prepared As always I'm taking the Vikings with 14 champs Bleed Blue for life!
  6. devildog47959

    Avon & Brownsburg HS Schedules

    Thanks Coach!
  7. devildog47959

    Avon & Brownsburg HS Schedules

    Awesome, thank you!! & Congrats to your family on Asa's signing with IU! I am happy he is staying in state & look forward to seeing him this year & the years to come!
  8. The dog has returned home from Florida & Colorado & is ready to watch some Hoosier HS wrestling this season! I currently live on the Avon/Brownsburg line & would like to watch a few of their duals/tournaments this season Can someone please share a link to their schedules or post them here? Thanks in advance!
  9. devildog47959

    East Chicago semi-state bracket

    Quick question will this SS be broadcast online this year? I know it has in the past any info on this would be greatly appreciated!
  10. devildog47959

    Regional Brackets: 4. Logansport | 9 am ET

    Living in Florida, Denver, back in Florida & grad school full time leaves little time for me to keep up on all the Berry Bowl knowledge I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it!! Always rooting for my Vikings and after this weekend anyone from Logan Hope to see some Logan boys at the bank in a few weeks! Just booked a plane ticket home for state weekend! Haven't missed one in years can't break the tradition Nothing better than an unclassed state tournament and 1 true champion
  11. I wanted to share this info with my Hoosier wrestling community The United States Marine Corps started a new initiative recently to educate and teach teenage athletes the important and invaluable skill of Leadership. The USMC Sports Leadership Academy is presenting FREE sports clinics across the USA in Wrestling, Basketball, Volleyball There is no event scheduled in Indiana for 2017 but it is in the works however there are a few in Ohio this year for anyone interested I HIGHLY reccomend any wrestler attend these FREE clinics no matter the skill level. The leadership lessons that will be taught will last a lifetime long after your athletic career is over Learn what makes Marines such great Leaders on and off the battle field #JJDIDTIEBUCKLE Website: https://usmcsports.com/about/ Wrestling Clinics/Locations: https://usmcsports.com/sports-locations/wrestling/
  12. devildog47959

    Team USA World Cup Finals vs Iran! Watch LIVE

    WOW, awesome! Thanks for sharing I did not know all of that Really awesome and I have to respect the Iran team for their commitment to this sport the entire country is behind them, that atmosphere was electric! We are gaining ground had a great tournament as a team! Stieber wins we win and DT was incredible, the best I ever have seen him wrestle. He beat the worlds best this tournament his confidence has to be at an all time high! I see this as his breakthrough and see him holding down 86K for team USA I know theres Dake and Cox but if Taylor wrestles like this he won't be beat! Exciting times for team USA and I love Zaddick as coach! I was freaking out!! Got me all jacked up!!! Great way to start my day now just a few more hours until the doors open at the Bank!
  13. Team USA is in the world cup finals against host Iran Iran is the 5X defending world cup champion and Team USA has not won the WC since 2003 Fans can watch Live starting at approx 8:30 am ET via Track Wrestling: http://s200.trackwrestling.com/tw/Stream.jsp?eventStreamId=123522011 Team USA went 3-0 in their pool defeating Georgia, Russia, & Azerbaijan http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2017/February/17/US-advances-to-World-Cup-final-with-4-4-win-over-Azerbaijan David Taylor has had a coming out party on the international scene in this world cup defeating multiple Olympic and World medalists including 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist and 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist Sharif Sharifov of Azerbaijan, winning 12-2 Taylor will face the 2016 Olympic Champion at 74 KG in the match vs Iran Go Team USA!
  14. devildog47959

    Best singlets for state?

    I'm also a big fan of the throwback retro singlets! Few years ago at NW we found a box of singlets from the 80s and our guys loved them so we let them wear them on Senior night and a few of the seniors had dads who wore them when they were in HS was pretty cool !
  15. devildog47959

    Jarred Brooks to fight at UFC 208.

    Just saw this myself, sucks! Was looking forward to it! Hope brooks get another shot soon http://www.foxsports.com/ufc/story/ian-mccall-pulled-from-ufc-208-fight-with-jarred-brooks-cancelled-021117

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