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  1. I've watched the match a couple times now. I loved how game he was and that he didn't stall out or lay down. He was attacking the best wrestler in the country relentlessly and was smart to slow play the escapes (even though he got dinged a couple times for stalling) to avoid the cradles. He wasn't ever going to win but that didn't stop him from trying like hell.
  2. 125 Lee 5 133 Micic 4 141 Lee 2 149 Retherford 10 157 Kemerer 7 165 Marinelli 3 174 Hall 6 184 Nickal 8 197 Moore 1 285 Snyder 9 Team Champ Penn State Team Score 121
  3. I mean I understand that but I see at least the following seeds that should likely be higher. 16, 17, 9, 12, 20, 14, 19, 11 ,22, 10, 7, 6
  4. How in the world does Norton get the 5 seed here?
  5. Top of the podium seems very unlikely as he'd have to either beat Zane or Nolf to get there. I could see a top 8 finish and think he has a better chance at 149.
  6. I feel like Miguel Torres has to be in this discussion as well, right? I mean at the height of his career he was the WEC champion and largely considered a top 10 pound for pound fighter. His career fell off FAST and I realize he fought at less "accomplished" weight but he was VERY good in his prime.
  7. I'd be willing to bet that very few of the PSU wrestlers have full ride scholarships JUST through wrestling. Things like academic scholarships, grants, financial aid, allow the scholarships to be broken up but still give each kid a free education.
  8. To take it a step further, for those that don't know, in addition to building a VERY successful program, Wabash also runs an amazing camp every year bringing in some of the best clinicians in the country to work with wrestlers. Look it up if you haven't and see what a tiny men's college in the middle of Indiana has to offer...
  9. Brutal first round for Wabash Hopefully they can make their way to AA status through the consolation rounds.
  10. Certainly not upset related, but I was really impressed with Hatch today. I know he's a good wrestler, but it's rare to see a kid constantly attacking from the top position. I felt like there wasn't one second that he wasn't working for a turn or a fall. He was never "just riding". It was really awesome to see.
  11. I only saw the match vs black, but I agree he didn't look like himself. I don't know what the circumstances were but it wasn't the same match we saw the past 2 weeks (or 2 years for that matter). I'm a Hobart guy so I hope this is foreshadowing if next week and Black runs through everyone like he did today. I think you'll see a much more game Rumph Friday and Saturday
  12. Lake County has to be either Howe or Angel at this point, right?
  13. I still think Angel is undersized here but I think Senior Angel beats sophomore Jason and Junior Alex. FWIW I think Sophomore "Alex trained" Jason beats Junior Alex. The top is much more fun. I think Senior Reece beats Junior Nick Lee and this is where it gets interesting. While I think Chad's defense and size advantage give him a win over angel as I said on the last post, He doesn't have the same advantages over Reece. Not to say that Chad isn't a great freestyler, but Reece is a freak! I could see a 4 over 1 Upset here as VERY possible. I think CJ beats Angel I think Angel bea
  14. Angel was a small 135 as evidenced by the fact that he's competed well under that weight both internationally and in college. Considering how strong Chad's defense is and the fact that Angel would be at a strength disadvantage, I feel like Chad would have the advantage. I'm not saying he wins 10 out of 10 but maybe 6 out of 10 times
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