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  1. NOVEMBER 3 - 7PM CENTRAL TIME EVANSVILLE VETERANS MEMORIAL COLISEUM Efrain Rodriguez vs Christopher Axsom Matthew Ashby vs David Hall Chris Kratz vs Grady Camery Dakota Kunkler vs David Booth Christopher Jennings vs Justin Racey Carlos Garnet vs Kyle Maziarski Dexter Brothers vs Brandon Taylor Christopher Henderson vs Ruben Perez Daniel Hudson vs Evan Cooper Scott Stevens vs Samuel O'Keefe Valentino Briones vs Joshua Stanley Amerus Rudd vs Markus Hall Hobert Wilmoth vs Jeradon Brown Tyler Fennessee vs Joshua Rickard Lance Lloyd vs Ryan Conaway Wayne Wyatt, Jr. vs Chad Staley Also there will be two exhibition Muay Thai Fights Justin Maikranz vs Dusty Stengel Brandon Pinkston vs ...forgot his name
  2. BB145

    HooknShoot - Wounded Warrior Benefit

    A couple of the guys got deployed early
  3. BB145

    HooknShoot - Wounded Warrior Benefit

    There are short notice spots needed to be filled! A few guys who were suppose to fight are getting deployed. They need a 155 to fight a 4-0 guy and a 140/145 guy to fight a 2-0 guy. Travel and lodging will be covered. Email HooknShoot@aol.com or mmafighter155@hotmail.com Thanks!
  4. HooknShoot returns to Evansville, September 10th and supporting the Wounded Warrior Benefit for our wounded soldiers. This is a great cause. All uniformed hero's will be let in the show for free. I will be fighting on the card for remembrance of James Brown, my girlfriends brother who gave his life in Iraq as a Marine. There will be some Indiana wrestlers on the card as well. Drew Sulawske Tez Todd Clint Brown Dexter Brothers Justin Maikranz
  5. I fought a guy who looks to be on the show Brian Pearman. Looks like they went for talent this show not personality.
  6. As is Dustin Neace I seen.
  7. BB145


    September 10th Ill be fighting as main event and Drew will be on the card as well
  8. BB145


    Drew won first round submission to go to 2-0, both by first round stoppages so far. My opponent no-showed so fight did not happen. We will be fighting again Sept 10th in evansville, In.
  9. BB145


    IFC will be holding there first event Saturday night in Dale, Indiana with some past indiana wrestlers on the card, Drew Sulawske at 135 and Justin Maikranz at 155 headlining. www.indianafight.com
  10. BB145

    BEST 135 ammy in Indiana

    What exactly did he say that was out of line or "talking big"? I missed it
  11. BB145

    KnuckleUp Combat

    Cant fight under 18 in Indiana Im pretty sure
  12. BB145

    New Fight Promotion In Southern Indiana

    I will be fighting on this card. Pass the word it will be a good card and the promoter has been around the game for a long time.
  13. BB145

    KnuckleUp Combat

    Any ammy fighters with blood work and have their fighters ID able to fight in Evansville In for KnuckleUp combat? Itll be a good sized show with corporate sponsors adding to the production value. The fight is June 11th. Might be a good way to get your name in the org who is throwing plenty of shows this year. Message me if interested. There are a few slots needed
  14. BB145

    BEST 135 ammy in Indiana

    A lot of states do a state series. I fought Tennessee's state champ actually. It would be a fun idea.

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