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  1. I think also winning 4 weight classes...
  2. Except I think it would be 12-4 for Lee...
  3. You should do maybe 2 more edits on your post... that'd be perfect
  4. Is it okay to criticize his dad then? Or is that off limits because Chad is a 4 timer?
  5. I agree... I didn't think it was 2 near fall. What a match
  6. Yeah, No... So who is entitled now?
  7. Lee was dominating, too. Crazy finish. Looked to be some space under his shoulder but he wasn't protesting the call. Not sure he would have worked his way out of that.
  8. You could lump konrath in there with battling injuries
  9. Nothing more to add mudflap after the recent posts?
  10. Congratulations to Josh Davis from Evansville Reitz in signing on to wrestle for Lake Erie. The kid is an extremely hard worker and even better kid.
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