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  1. CatLover

    Indiana's greatest high school wrestler

    David Taylor (Gang or Die)
  2. CatLover


    [move]I love my kitty Dallas with all my heart! Anyone else like cats?[/move]
  3. CatLover

    Dake vs Sanderson

    Cael 10-4
  4. CatLover

    Ramos got robbed!

    Quote from Logan Stieber on twitter: "if you watch it in slow mo, you could probably get a 5 count" - @LogiBear_
  5. http://intermatwrestle.com/Files/pdf/12-13/bigtenchampionships.pdf
  6. CatLover


    Little highlight video from the weekend
  7. CatLover

    idea for next yr

    Y2 did that a long time ago
  8. CatLover

    NCAA tickets?

    i am also look for 3 finals tickets too
  9. CatLover

    State Picks

    ha ;D
  10. CatLover

    State Picks

    106: Lee 113: Micic 120: Phillips 126: Crume 132: LeCount 138: Carroll 145: Molloy 152: Farrell 160: McCloskey 170: Lefever 182: Hurford 195: Sliga 220: Robinson 285: Bernard
  11. CatLover

    Sliga vs Howe

    Howe beat David Taylor, last years hodge trophy winner, at the Olympic trials last year. Taylor teched and pinned his way through nationals. I highly doubt that Sliga vs. Howe would be a great match.
  12. CatLover

    Wrestling Love Affairs!!

    Me and David Taylor
  13. CatLover

    East Noble vs FW Carroll

    Carroll wins 34-30
  14. CatLover

    Dake vs. Taylor

    I'm willing to bet that Taylor will beat Dake sometime this season.

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