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  1. Drooke

    Goldman had enough time?

  2. Any insight into the exodus of wrestlers from clarion? I saw quinton transferred again...this time to niagra...selfishly i was looking forward to him in d1 next season...good luck.
  3. It should be noted that was the 2nd time this season that Andrew Alton has "dodged" Murphy.
  4. Drooke

    Purdue Wrestling

    Cashe is definitely not done....we will see him on the mat soon.
  5. +1... So awesome to see him competing on the D-1 level...one of my favorite Indiana wrestlers from the past several years.
  6. Drooke

    Wrestle offs

    Did springer wrestle unattached?
  7. Drooke

    Bobby STEVEson

    Does jrob know he will have a new assistant....oh snap!
  8. Drooke

    IU lineup 2013/14

    my guess is a top five recruiting class will secure the position for the next few seasons...
  9. Drooke

    IU lineup 2013/14

    Not a good sign to have one of the coaches leave the program at the beginning of the season
  10. after the wins over skon and dippery I thought raley would for sure get the gold....I'm sure this will drive him. anyone know where Caton or springer were....I was looking forward to see how they competed. Great run by Sheridan to redeem his first match loss to diekel for 3rd. Was Languis really up 2 weights....I saw that somewhere today but didn't fact check...that being said Walsh is a pinning machine...fantasy gold....wish I had taken him when I had the chance. Also...anyone know why Chalfant didn't compete?
  11. Drooke

    IU lineup 2013/14

    Anyone know why Caton didn't wrestle at the Clarion Open? I was looking forward to seeing how he didn
  12. Drooke

    IU lineup 2013/14

    A blurb from d1cw's big ten preview... Freshman to Watch: Kyle Springer (133) The Iowa product Kyle Springer is in the hunt to start immediately at 133 for the Hoosiers. Word is, that Springer will not redshirt. and has earned the opportunity to co-start with Chris Caton at the beginning of the season in an attempt to see who emerges as the full-time guy for IU.
  13. Drooke

    2014 I.U. recruiting class

    This was actually discussed at length when cael tested the waters for a comeback. I can see how the staff would bless simmons competing at agon...it keeps him current with the hs schooler wrestlers....which is always good for recruiting...of course simmons lost to abas but even so iu has an easy top ten if not top five recruiting class going now.
  14. Drooke

    IU lineup 2013/14

    Bronxbomber « Reply #21 on: October 01, 2013, 07:17:15 PM » I hope he is on top of his game come Clarion. With the loss of Murphy and Zimmer, Caton will struggle to have solid workout partners day in and day out

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