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  1. Very True. Cashe was having a remarkable season and was the hands down favorite that year - and already had a victory over Tsirtsis. I think both Micic and Lee are "suffering" from Micic's success - 126 is not stacked. I am not implying that the other returning state champs around this weight ducked this weight class but Micic's choice to 126 may have had some influence. Preseason there was talk of Micic, Lee, Red, Wilson and James going 126 - O' what fun that would have been!
  2. Lee is the most complete freshman wrestler I have seen in IN with the possible exception being Jason Tsirtsis. Thus far though I would have to say Tsirtsis's freshman year was more impressive. He wrestled one of the toughest schedules I can remember. In addition to a pretty stacked 126 he was also challenged during the season by the top 119ers, beating state champions and multiple state champions (Eppert and I believe Wright). Of course Lee is undefeated but has not seen nearly the competition
  3. Excellent point it is stated high school wrestler and I would agree this could limit the discussion to performances in high school sponsored events. My intent was the greatest over all wrestler during their high school years.
  4. I think an argument can be made for Sliga based on his national/international résumé. Tough to put him ahead of the 4x state champs, but I don't believe anyone in IN has had the national/international success he has had during their high school career.
  5. They can all still make the finals (except James) if they win out. It would be pretty cool to see IN in back to back to back to back finals. It should at least happen at 182 and 195. Would be great to see the rest too but they have some big names to beat.
  6. For the 02-03 Mater Dei team, isn't it 4 champs, 4 placers, 2 qualifiers (4 champs, 8 all state, 10 qualifiers) 2010 Mishawaka had 0 champs, 9 all state and 10 qualifiers Pretty amazing teams I think Perry's team this year is up there, but would have to have one hell of a good tournament to be the best.
  7. Thanks Coach - look forward to hear about the seeding criteria after the 11th and thanks for helping keep the team state alive!
  8. Can anyone tell us the criteria that will be used for seeding?
  9. Best for who? I guess what I am asking is if the criteria for the top 8 teams are already determined then why wait until Dec 15th to seed them...or Wait until that time ot pick the teams and seed them. At least list the criteria for how the seeding will be determined.
  10. Why will the seeding not be released until Dec 15th? The teams have already been selected, why isn't the seeding selected too?
  11. Looks like 3 more AA in cadet Greco with Tolley having a good shot to make the finals today. Jolley garrunteed at least 6th and Coy will be going for 7. Great comeback for coy, very tough to place especially when dropping your first match. Better showing for Cadet Greco than we have seen in a few years. Good job guy!
  12. Very interesting that there are only 2 with the potential to be 4x all state, Farrell and Sliga.
  13. Looks like IN will likely beat FL (Fl giving up lots of FF). If PA beats NY we will wrestle NY a 3rd time!
  14. Appears Yorktown chose their "few" from other schools quite wisely!
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