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  1. The classic is around the corner.... Predictions??? Let's hear them!!
  2. Seeing Portage and Perry have 300+ team points.... this brings me to ask what is the most amount of team points a team received? From recent search, I saw that Mater Dei had 360 in 02-03. Any team beat that?
  3. This would be a great match to watch!
  4. I have no idea what the match would end up at? I know they are both amazing wrestlers!
  5. 125-Escobedo 133-Ness 141-Humphrey 149-Palmer(since he upseted metcalf, i bet he will do it again) 157-Schlatter 165-Howe 174-Borschel 184-Dergo 197-Varner HWT-Dudziak
  6. it is almost time for the national chamionships for wrestling. let's see all your your predictions.
  7. some of those guys could of used it this year i think
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