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  1. iWatch

    MD Holiday Classic

    The classic is around the corner.... Predictions??? Let's hear them!!
  2. iWatch

    Mater Dei Holiday Classic

    Sims is 160 not 152
  3. 125-Escobedo 133-Ness 141-Humphrey 149-Palmer(since he upseted metcalf, i bet he will do it again) 157-Schlatter 165-Howe 174-Borschel 184-Dergo 197-Varner HWT-Dudziak
  4. it is almost time for the national chamionships for wrestling. let's see all your your predictions.
  5. iWatch

    Riding time in high school???

    some of those guys could of used it this year i think
  6. where r the brackets at
  7. iWatch

    DIII Championships

    does indiana have anyone in d111
  8. iWatch

    Big Ten Championships

    why did schlatter pull out
  9. iWatch

    Big Ten Championships

    hope to see some good wrestling on sunday. I also hope to see some upsetts!!!!
  10. they are one step closer to doin so. i hope to see them do good next year.
  11. iWatch

    Worst Screen Name

    y are u talking about screen names on a wrestling board. don't get it
  12. iWatch

    Big Ten Championships

    i hope 2 c sanderson pullin it out
  13. iWatch

    Big Ten Brackets

    y is schlatter not seeded

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