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  1. Looks like both 2009 and 2010. Andrew Howe and Angel Escobedo won Big 10s both years.
  2. O/U 5.5 AA's Lee, Red, Lydy, Parris are locks in my opinion. I'll take my chances with BLee. Anyone else you feel strong about?
  3. Would be near the top of my list. Watching that dude, I still can't believe he never won a title.
  4. They already host a sectional. Might be a good idea to try and grab a regional as well.
  5. I was there for all of the above, except Samuels/Clark in 2017. Also, witnessed Harper/Carr in person. That Petrov/Campbell match is my favorite one. Unbelievable action.
  6. I'm confused on why these two things are connected?
  7. Don’t believe Red qualifies from an article on Flo: Just two months out from the 2019 NCAA championships, we now have an added layer of intrigue as the Olympic Redshirt criteria have been released. Let's first take a look at the criteria: Past national team members (top three from the World or Olympic Team Trials) Top eight at the 2019 Senior U.S. Open Top three at the 2019 NCAA Wrestling Championship; or NCAA champion from a previous year AND top two from the 2019 U23 World Team Trials (must accomplish both). Previous Cadet, Junior, U23 world medalist
  8. Most likely Olympic redshirts? Lee? Yianni? Hall? Zahid? Gable? Micic? Fix? Lee and Yianni have the best chance to make the Olympic team. Tough sledding in the middle/upper weights with guys like Burroughs, Dake, Taylor, Cox, Snyder. Will be fun to throw Nolf and Bo in the mix. Also guys like McKenna, Eierman, etc
  9. Super impressed with Nolf interviews after both semis and finals victories. Very calm and collected. Great humility. Made me a fan! Excited to see him and Bo compete at the senior level.
  10. True but you are assuming as well. Nolf May have wrestled differently but maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. I know Hidlay looked like the better wrestler. And I think it’s fair to say he was robbed because that TD very well could’ve won him the match.
  11. Yep you’re right. Completely forgot they wrestled this year. Must’ve blocked it out
  12. Overall thoughts: 1) Embarrassing that Nolf won that match. Absolutely outwrestled and Hilday was robbed. Nolf is out of the Hodge and it’s all Nickal at this point. 2) It didn’t make sense at the time and makes less sense today but they should’ve never pulled Parris’s redshirt. You could clearly see he needed a year to grow into that weight class. 3) Surprised by Lewis but maybe we shouldn’t be. Made a junior world team. Want to be elite? Make age-level world teams. Look at the guys who’ve done in on the world level. Lee, Fix, Yianni, Zahid, Hall, Steveson, etc. 4) Steve
  13. Mostly lightweights? Purdue getting Pokorney is a good get. One of the top recruits in Indiana.
  14. Picks? Mostly chalk for me. 125-Lee 133-Micic 141-Lee 149-Ashnault 157-Nolf 165-Joseph 174-Hall 184-Martin 197-Nickal 285-Steveson
  15. Do we really need them? Our best college guys are finding success on the International level.
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