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  1. Off the top of my head would have to say Avon has to be up there
  2. Who will be moving on to the Castle Regional?
  3. Over/Under on 5.5 undefeated state champs?
  4. Was picking the 4 state qualifiers from top to bottom of the bracket, didn't put them in order
  5. 106- Garcia, Egli, Mills, Pinkham 113- Annakin, Weaver, Mosconi, Horty 120- Hunt, Rooks, Mulkey, Luigs 126- Hudkins, Combest, Dilbeck, Gomez 132- Molloy, Lee, Sellmer, Elpers 138- Ramsey, Webb, McCoy, Lee 145- Burke, Lee, Crowl, Bethel 152- Dean, Clark, Dunn, Herrin 160- O'Neal, Whitaker, Mappes, VanHorn 170- Hays, Fuller, Walton, Owens 182- Frank, Damler, Dalton, McKinley 195- Barclay, Redmond, Wilderman, Lee 220- McCubbins, Scroggs, Choate, Larson 285- Galliger, Henson, York, Klem
  6. Heard the same from a reliable source.
  7. Also very stacked, what are the chances we see 3 wrestlers in the same sectional bracket qualify for state?
  8. The Shelbyville 120 is also very loaded with Diep back with Culp and Smiley
  9. After looking at the Evansville Central brackets I have to think the 145 weight bracket is one of the best in the state. Thoughts on the best??
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