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  1. Learned of passing of former IHSAA State Champion Tony Smith. He was the 98lb Champion in 1984 out of Calumet, and their first champion. Apparently he was dealing with heart complications from a previous incident, but he fought through it to overcome odds this long. Was a great ambassador for the sport in Indiana and 'da Region' and well respected by friends and foes through out the state. Asking Indiana high school wrestling fans to show our support and step up with any small contribution to help the family with service expenses. Here is the link to the go fund me - any and all donations will be helpful. https://www.gofundme.com/f/1ro2yght00?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  2. I think Zain leg whipped over. If Yianni did, it appears he pinned himself
  3. Well looks like 133 for Big Ten's just got a while lot tougher with Gross transfer to Wisconsin. We could see Suriano / Micic a couple of times. Maybe Gross goes to 141. Gross - Wisconsin (2nd & 1st at SDSU), Suriano-Rutgers (2nd, 1st) , Micic-Michigan (4th,2nd,3rd), Pletcher-OSU (4th, 4th), DeSanto-Iowa (5th), RB-Young-Penn State (8th),
  4. Kid improved a lot each year. That is a good sign.
  5. Any more questions on the tougher weight and why guys coming up from 125 dominating 133 makes a difference? Look no other place than the US Freestyle championship last weekend. FIX was able to go down to 125.5 and win the Senior Freestyle - 133 was all graduates no college placers, but 65KG had three guys who placed at 141 this year. Eierman Yianni, Storr... 57KG 1Daton Fix (TMWC) 2Thomas Gilman (TMWC) 3Zane Richards (TMWC) 4Vitali Arujau (TMWC) 5Darian Cruz (NYAC/LVWC) 6Nathan Tomasello (TMWC) 7Frank Perrelli (TMWC) 8Zach Sanders (MN) 60KG 1Cody Brewer (TMWC) 2Nico Megaludis (TMWC) 3Joey Palmer (Unattached) 4Tyler Graff (TMWC) 5Cory Clark (TMWC) 6Anthony Ramos (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) 7Earl Hall (TMWC) 8Beau Bartlett (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) 610 65 KG PLACES 1Yianni Diakomihalis (TMWC) 2Zain Retherford (NLWC) 3Jayson Ness (MN) 4Frank Molinaro (TMWC) 5Jaydin Eierman (TMWC) 6Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) 7Kanen Storr (TMWC) 8Bernard Futrell (TMWC)
  6. He did look big - but I am skeptic of methods...
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first year Micic really had to cut a bit of weight to make 133 compared to years previous; he looked like a combination of a growth spurt and muscle gain. Making 57 kilograms/125.4 pounds will be no easy task.
  8. Actually Micac the last 3 years of his 5 have been at 133, after a red-shirt ear at 125 and year off. Stand by my argument - the 125# guys came up and dominated the existing 133# guys way to easily. Big frame advantage at 133...more importantly: #1 - No returning champ & 2x finalist in Gross, and an injured Micic #2 - In general at 133, several guys who are not very strong on their feet or explosive all-around. Lizak is very good on top but terrible on his feet, DeSanto is a one trick-pony that everyone has figured out, Erneste - mehhh, Pletcher is boring has hell and takes no chances. Fix has the most explosiveness and did not do much in the final and tourney; same for Suriano - he can be physical, but not technically explosive. #3 - 141 Depth - Can't think of a tougher top 3 or Top 8 than 141 - the technique in the semi-finals was two steps above anything from the #133lb class. The runner up was the 2018 US Open champ for cripes sake. 1st Place - Yianni Diakomihalis of Cornell - 2X champ and 2X Gold in Cadet world championships 2nd Place - Joey McKenna of Ohio State - 2018 US Senior Open Champ and Two-time U.S. Junior World Team member (freestyle), capturing a silver medal in 2014 3rd Place - Jaydin Eierman of Missouri - the funkiest, 2nd most creative, and most explosive guy in the field - beat Yianni previous - will be 4x AA and have 125+ wins by time he is done 4th Place - Dom Demas of Oklahoma - UWW U20 Junior Freestyle World Team 5th Place - Nick Lee of Penn State - 2X AA at 141 6th Place - Mitch McKee of Minnesota - Silver Medalist at Junior World Championships (Freestyle) in 2017 7th Place - Kyle Shoop of Lock Haven - bruiser who came down from 149 8th Place - Chad Red of Nebraska - 2X AA at 141
  9. True, but a clip winged Micic was not the same
  10. See Berg's data, it basically proved my point. No doubt, both 133 & 141 were two of the deepest weights, and 125 was right there, so in looking at the two there are several factors. Earlier in the year I too was thinking 133 was deeper, but after it went down that was not the case. Relative to 141, 133 turned out to be a little inflated. * I will give you that 133 is the deepest and best Big Ten weight with unheard of 6 AA's by one conference, but 141 is a tougher weight nationally * 133 - returning champ (injured), and Micic was injured and not 100%. * When 3 guys (FIX, Lizak, Suriano), all great 125ib wrestlers can bump up and dominate the 133 weight class above, while those guys are impressive, it is also a sign that the weight was not as tough as originally expected. 8 lb jump is a big deal. See how Micic dealt a beat down to Sebastian Rivera. That many 125lb guys should not be able to dominate next weight up. * At 141 those top 3 guys are US Olympic caliber compared to 133, heads and shoulders. Dom Demas was a World Jr Team Member as was McKee from Minnesota, are the next Tier world class compared to the first 3. Add in Red and Lee who are stronger suited for folkstyle, but could easily be 4X AA's, and a monster in Shoop who dropped from 149. The top end of 133 is not even close to 141. If you could not see the difference in the offense, creativity, and athletic ability displayed by Diakomihalis, Mckenna , and Eierman, then I don't know what to tell you. It was night and day.
  11. I hope you are right, but they will have 3 guys in that 10-15 range, with graduation of 133. But they have had 1-2 blood round guys for many years. But saying this is a hot seat year is not far off - part due to relative results, and secondly because this is the language the AD has been using in pushing the move. Top 7 or 8 is the metric because of losses to graduation elsewhere. #1 - he has 3 guys with higher probability to be there to AA. 157, 174, 197. It can be done, and needs to be done. Schroeder is on that next tier next year as a Jr. Lyons had decent season but the Big1 wore him down. #2 - Need to see if the new recruits developed, and if 1 or 2 other guys rebound. Could see Limmex back to 149, who knows.
  12. Not saying he didn't deserve - but by qualifications requirements he did not meet the original Big Ten qualifications at 15-24 record with 8th place, nor was he at large.
  13. Your high. 133 was missing defending champ, and Micic was hurt. You had several guys who ran away from Lee at 125 ending up AA's, or being finalists, beating 133lb placers from the year before. That tells you 133 was overrated. Bridges and Wilson who placed last year were beaten by 125 lb'rs from last year as well. You can't have that many previous year 125 pound wrestlers dominating your class and say it was good. 141 had 3 guys that are going to battle it out for Olympic spot in near future, plus 2 returning AA's who could end up 4x AA. None of the natural 133 lbrs could hang with Yianni, McKenna, or Eireman if they moved up like the 125 guys did. 141 - 2019 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Yianni Diakomihalis of Cornell 2nd Place - Joey McKenna of Ohio State 3rd Place - Jaydin Eierman of Missouri 4th Place - Dom Demas of Oklahoma 5th Place - Nick Lee of Penn State 6th Place - Mitch McKee of Minnesota 7th Place - Kyle Shoop of Lock Haven 8th Place - Chad Red of Nebraska 141 - 2018 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Yianni Diakomihalis of Cornell 2nd Place - Bryce Meredith of Wyoming (graduated) 3rd Place - Joey McKenna of Ohio State 4th Place - Jaydin Eierman of Missouri 5th Place - Nick Lee of Penn State 6th Place - Kevin Jack of NC State (graduated) 7th Place - Chad Red of Nebraska 8th Place - Sa`Derian Perry of Eastern Michigan (failed to place)
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