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  1. Prediction - we won't have Bobby Cox come out of the stands and change the rules on the spot for a wrestler who was not ready to wrestle...
  2. Great match - aggressive, just got after it, didn't get rattled if he made a mistake. Love the short dump & leg turk.
  3. Yes I do - he is exactly two-hundred and brick-***potty mouth***-house pounds. He looked pretty darn good yesterday.
  4. Agree - used to be a one-class purest, and while that destroyed the mystique of Indiana Basketball, it would do the opposite for wrestling. Do it now before the Title IX'rs take those resources for girls wrestling.
  5. Learned of passing of former IHSAA State Champion Tony Smith. He was the 98lb Champion in 1984 out of Calumet, and their first champion. Apparently he was dealing with heart complications from a previous incident, but he fought through it to overcome odds this long. Was a great ambassador for the sport in Indiana and 'da Region' and well respected by friends and foes through out the state. Asking Indiana high school wrestling fans to show our support and step up with any small contribution to help the family with service expenses. Here is the link to the go fund me
  6. I think Zain leg whipped over. If Yianni did, it appears he pinned himself
  7. Well looks like 133 for Big Ten's just got a while lot tougher with Gross transfer to Wisconsin. We could see Suriano / Micic a couple of times. Maybe Gross goes to 141. Gross - Wisconsin (2nd & 1st at SDSU), Suriano-Rutgers (2nd, 1st) , Micic-Michigan (4th,2nd,3rd), Pletcher-OSU (4th, 4th), DeSanto-Iowa (5th), RB-Young-Penn State (8th),
  8. Kid improved a lot each year. That is a good sign.
  9. Any more questions on the tougher weight and why guys coming up from 125 dominating 133 makes a difference? Look no other place than the US Freestyle championship last weekend. FIX was able to go down to 125.5 and win the Senior Freestyle - 133 was all graduates no college placers, but 65KG had three guys who placed at 141 this year. Eierman Yianni, Storr... 57KG 1Daton Fix (TMWC) 2Thomas Gilman (TMWC) 3Zane Richards (TMWC) 4Vitali Arujau (TMWC) 5Darian Cruz (NYAC/LVWC) 6Nathan Tomasello (TMWC) 7Frank Perrelli (TMWC) 8Zach Sanders (MN)
  10. He did look big - but I am skeptic of methods...
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first year Micic really had to cut a bit of weight to make 133 compared to years previous; he looked like a combination of a growth spurt and muscle gain. Making 57 kilograms/125.4 pounds will be no easy task.
  12. Actually Micac the last 3 years of his 5 have been at 133, after a red-shirt ear at 125 and year off. Stand by my argument - the 125# guys came up and dominated the existing 133# guys way to easily. Big frame advantage at 133...more importantly: #1 - No returning champ & 2x finalist in Gross, and an injured Micic #2 - In general at 133, several guys who are not very strong on their feet or explosive all-around. Lizak is very good on top but terrible on his feet, DeSanto is a one trick-pony that everyone has figured out, Erneste - mehhh, Pletcher is boring has hell and tak
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