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Everything posted by BClark

  1. BClark

    Best Singlets/Compression Shirts & Shorts

    Agreed about the Avon “Iowa” style singlets. My favorite singlets are anyone who comes out in the all-white singlets. We always saved our white singlets for the championships. They look so clean!
  2. BClark

    Something needs to change

    If you spin it the other way around. All other 1A and 2A teams need to get on Fort Wayne’s level. They might have more IHSWCA dual championships than all other semi states combined. They just don’t have the top schools to compete with these 3A monsters.
  3. BClark

    Something needs to change

    Based on football classes there are 32 6A schools. I believe only two in the Fort Wayne semistate. Carroll and Homestead? Carroll pulls its weight most years.
  4. BClark

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Pretty sure I went 14/14
  5. BClark

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    195-#3 Agnew (HN) vs. #5 Willham (GW) I think the winner makes the finals.
  6. BClark

    Most anticipated match Friday Night all time?

    The same year, I believe Wildeman vs Stewart at 195. Both ranked pretty high.
  7. BClark

    Most anticipated match Friday Night all time?

    Has there ever been a #1 vs. #2 on Friday night before?
  8. BClark

    Suite Tickets

    How long before they go to selling assigned seats (like the NCAA wrestling championships)?
  9. BClark

    Mendez vs. Watts

    We maybe didn't realize it at the time but 2005 had a pretty good one too. Championship Reece Humphrey (48-0) Lawrence North (12) def. Andrew Howe (47-1) Hanover Central (9), dec. 5-1.
  10. BClark

    Saving Seats

    Yep. 100%. Would pay more to have my assigned seat and show up when I want.
  11. Does Carr wrestle? Could avoid this match until the Big 10s and preserve his higher seed?
  12. My Picks in order: 1. Cathedral 2. Mater Dei 3. Roncalli 4. Columbus East 5. Avon
  13. BClark

    State Finals Brackets

    Agreed. Stinks when the finals happen in the semis.
  14. BClark

    #4 seeds

    So every 4th place finisher at Evansville could win the Fort Wayne semistate?
  15. I feel pretty confident in how it was worded. Watts clearly deserves a better draw based on the results of today.
  16. You never want to lose, but the reward might be a rematch with Mendez in the semis when it should clearly be under the lights.
  17. BClark

    Wrestlebacks question

    But if you went back to the old way of qualifying for semi-state (top 3 only - had to win 2 matches at Regionals), then maybe you could do wrestlebacks at SS. Less first round matches with regional champs getting a bye.
  18. BClark

    Semi State Question

    They will draw for which regionals are paired, but won't be released until after regionals so coaches/athletes don't try to manipulate the results in their favor to avoid certain matchups.
  19. Which is why I put the disclaimer "According to the last round of classification". It was more for observation/discussion. If this was in place in the last round of classification, some pretty tough teams from that list potentially move to 2A and some tough teams drop to 1A. Just trying to make the point that 1A and 2A are going to get tougher.
  20. Will be interesting to see how the final numbers come out. This could make IHSWCA Duals even tougher in 2A and 1A. According to the last round of classification, here are your bottom 10 3A teams based on enrollment. 91 Shelbyville Sr High 1156 92 Plymouth High School 1147 93 S.B. Clay High 1143 94 New Palestine High 1119 95 Highland High School 1117 96 Connersville Sr High 1111 97 Jasper High School  1093 98 Kankakee Valley High 1083 99 F.W. Bishop Dwenger 1075 100 Jay County High 1060 Here are your bottom 15 teams in 2A based on enrollment: 194 Greencastle Senior High 556 195 Wheeler High School 553 196 Southmont Sr High 550 197 South Vermillion High 546 198 Woodlan Jr/Sr High 534 199 Rensselaer Central High 531 200 Southridge High School 531 201 Western Boone Jr-Sr 529 204 Monrovia High School 527 205 Eastbrook High School 525 206 Rochester Community High 524 207 Tipton High School 524 208 Speedway Senior High 523 209 Oak Hill High 511 210 Manchester Jr-Sr High 511
  21. BClark

    Weight allowance for sectionals

    But a 113 wouldn’t be able to weigh in at 117 (110 for 106, etc) because some probably can’t lose 2 lbs per week according to their weight management.
  22. BClark

    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house
  23. BClark

    Sectional Brackets

    So I'm assuming they will hold the boys basketball sectional brackets until the day before games start to ensure teams are only using players with full eligibility.
  24. BClark

    Sectional Brackets

    Were coaches asked to not release the brackets of their sectionals to the public?
  25. Jimtown wont have enough depth to win it but could rack up points with three guys who have the potential to make the finals.

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