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  1. Great job on the rankings. Most of us appreciate the time and effort. Just a heads up: Keegan Miller, Eastside is back at 220 as Chase Leeper is returning to their lineup in time for the New Year.
  2. IndianaMat Silver didn't do as well as the boys would have liked in the All Star Division but they did have four young men receive All American honors: Giovanni Diaz (120), Hunter Cottingham (132), David Page (145), and Chase Leeper (285). Thanks IndianaMat for the opportunity to wrestle and a special thanks to the coaches that dedicated their time to the boys!
  3. 285 - bracket shake up? Hughes out? I see Swallow and Schaffer moved up a spot each with Captain moving into 4 spot from Jay County.
  4. Leeper only weighed in at 283!...LOL. Great job Nolan! Good luck next week!
  5. FWSS #10 Belizaire (Snider) pinned by Nolan Hathaway (Garrett) in the first round at Carroll.
  6. Finals 106 Lewis vs Weimer 113 Veatch vs Teusch 120 Shearer vs Humphrey 126 Ulrick vs Heath 132 Chacon vs Krider 138 Schrock vs Tippman 145 Jenkins vs Garrett 152 Hicks vs McCune 160 Pettigrew vs Parrish 170 Fletcher vs Fielden 182 Leech vs McDonald 195 Agnew vs Martz 220 Miller vs Elwood 285 Leeper vs Muncie
  7. Not a fluke. 2 Big strong HWTs with much respect for one another and it went Muncie's way today. Hopefully we see the grudge match (Leeper won 1st match) next week at Regionals!
  8. Should be a great tournament. Team race will be tight; Garrett and CN both pose a serious threat to Heights. And the semis and finals in most weight classes should have some great match ups. Looking forward to it!
  9. Eastside has a very solid 170 pounder in Laik Minnick. And speaking of freshman, they have a solid HWT in Chase Leeper that went undefeated in the Super Dual last weekend. Defeated Vince Yoder in the process and just lost a close match to SemiState #7 Dakota Ault 6-4. Gonna surprise some upper classmen.
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