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  1. Probably the problem is Ft Wayne the 2nd largest city in the state is not pulling the amount of wrestlers they should be.
  2. I think you are right. Doesn't have to be red cobra or MC. Just a big need for an academy of some sort
  3. Low blow? I'm from the area. Wanting more in the finals is a low blow?
  4. Ft. Wayne Semi State - the competition needs to get better.
  5. East Noble High School will be looking for new Head Wrestling Coach Please contact Nick David EN AD ndavid@eastnoble.net 2604175643
  6. Great 1st night! Over 20 kids getting after it! See everyone this Wednesday at 5!
  7. East Noble High School will be hosting RTC starting March 14th. We will be having them Monday and Wednesday nights from 5-7. Grades 6th-12 USAW/ISWA card is all you need. Enter through the back of the school near the tennis courts. Any other questions please email Andy Uhl - andrewuhl2@gmail.com Travis Barrroquillo-trbarroquill01@indianatech.net
  8. lol probably a little weight advantage there though wouldn't you say?.....maybe a little more experience at the time too.
  9. Always nice to have a headlock in your back pocket. Never know when it might be there to use. But if dependent on it not gonna get very far.
  10. Lol is that a shot at me??? Sorry, My experience is from a little ole D2 program and wrestling at 133 and wrestling our D2 2x National Champ at 157 in practice on a daily basis and it being absolute battle day in and day out. I never got hurt and even if the 157 pounder tried to use his weight there is something called positioning where guys in college know a lot more about than high schoolers and you can deal with the weight.
  11. I'm not talking about the 99% of the other people on forums. I'm just posting about what you said about NW wrestling room at 125/133. I asked if you wrestled in college to see the credibility of your post. Like anyone else that would post something like that, and I read it, if they didn't experience the level of a college practice room and how tough it is coming from a high school practice room to a college practice room I'm probably gonna say something. I guarantee Micic is going to be in a battle to get in the starting line up and when he does those guys will prepare him just fine to AA top 4. I'm saying there is a difference between knowing how hard a practice room is and actually wrestling in a hard room. They are a lot of AA that are awful practice partners and then there are wrestlers to never AA and are absolute monsters in the practice room. I'm not personally attacking you just stating my opinion like you said you weren't deminishing NW, you were just giving your opinion. Just cause Micic may be 125/133 and Tsirtis is 149/157 does not mean anything. I'm positive it would still be a battle in the practice room. I've seen it plenty of times.
  12. So you don't really know how tough it is to wrestle in a college practice room. Even if the kids are not AA or have a winning record does not mean they are not going to be tough kids in the practice room. Oh and I'm pretty sure Mcic will have a guy in the room that just won a national title. Just because Mcic may be a 125 or 133 pounder next year doesn't mean he can't wrestle Tsirtsis. I mean I'd take a national champ as a wrestling partner. Before you go questioning a college wrestling room you might want to actually experience it. And everybody else wasn't diminishing NW practice room.
  13. Meluvwrestling just out of curiosity did you wrestle in college??
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