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ISWA Folkstyle State **Postponed**

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I give credit where credit is due....mad props to Ryan Parrish for getting this pulled off and everyone who helped him.  These are the type of positive announcements we need.  I have been a critic of the ISWA, but they definitely pulled this off and worked countless hours to make this happen.  Now everyone just bring lots of hand sanitizer and fist bumps.

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2 minutes ago, ontherise219 said:

The facility is really nice and well built. I am sure this is their first wrestling tournament there. Maybe Y2 and I will have an emergency gorilla radio so you guys know the proper etiquette for the region.  

It is the first one which is awesome but there have been lots of basketball volleyball and soccer tournaments since it’s opened hope it serves its purpose for wrestling 

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11 minutes ago, formercollegekid said:

Not trying to stir up drama but I have been told that state is now cancelled?

If you read the topic up top you are partially correct.


It will NOT be held this weekend and not in the immediate future. They are going to try to work out a date and venue after we get through our current corona virus situation.

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