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  1. Yes...We know!!! We still love YOU!
  2. Just a Tombstone pie tonight.. Local BBQ (Vince and Saras) for tomorrow.
  3. Thats right. Still an avid follower of IM. #WEST_THIRD
  4. Just a shout out to the people who bring the Mon. - Wed. articles. I have really enjoyed, and anticipated reading these tales through out the season, for several years. Thank you!
  5. That my Friend is "Bill The Cat" from the early 90's Comic Strip, Outland
  6. I really don't think it matters at this point if Eastern is in or not(For Future Team State). It great for the kids, but in all reality, the shot has been fired that put Bobby Cox reeling over the edge about the future of Team State. It's very unfortunate, but you cant take back words.
  7. Thanks TripleB, I now feel enlighted and refreshed. Boy is my face red
  8. @ 215, #11 Lost by Fall, Young - Madison - Harrison10-Way. Nov. 26-27
  9. Senior Night for the Cubs as Robby Taylor and Dalton Young were honored. 119 Ma - WBP 125 Pa - WBP 130 Ma - WBFF 135 Ma - WBFF 140 Ma - WBP 145 Ma - WBP 152 Ma - WBP 160 Pa - WBTF 171 Pa - WBP 189 Pa - WBP 215 Ma - WBD 5-2 285 Ma - WBP 103 Ma - WBFF 112 Pa - WBFF Madison 51 Paoli 29 Good Luck Rams going into the state tournament
  10. Fish is right...JC is the best Top to bottom, injuries or otherwise. Yes, Jeff has reigned supreme last couple years. But T. Howard gets more with less. It's a treat that the HHC is this good this year. Sit back and enjoy the great competition.
  11. Great Post rdrodd1! I don't think there would be too many people that would disagree with you!
  12. Michael Galbreath, Madison, '93, Career record, 137-17, 3x State Qualifier, 2x State Runner-Up. Final Losses to Marlin Stewart and Tim Myers.
  13. I agree with X Card, Although I don't know him, feel like we share similar interests with this issue/
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