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  1. Yeah, coming from Evansville is not quite as awesome. I look forward to Y2 winning the lottery someday and building something a little more centrally located.
  2. Not sure why this matters to you. He moved his family 150 or more miles away to a better opportunity for him and his family. Not across town to Mater Dei or Memorial or Castle. Hard to argue that he isn't going to a better school and that his dad didn't get a better job. And maybe it was partially for a better wrestling opportunity too. Can you blame him? Maybe KT gets a scholarship to wrestle in college that he never would have gotten had he stayed at the same school in Evansville. Think about that. That move could change the kids life. Good for him for having the guts to go.
  3. Yes that was the Kyle Todrank that started at Evansville Reitz and ended up at Gibson Southern. He's a popular guy now.
  4. In the All-Star division at Disney, you better be good or it will be a long long tournament.
  5. Remember his math/reasoning has already been called into question. This is evidence as to why.
  6. I agree the transferring is crazy. This could have an impact on where kids are transferring to though. Maybe kids wouldn't be as inclined to transfer to the larger schools and instead choose a smaller school for their shot. Maybe it wouldn't have an impact at all, but to me it's interesting to think about.
  7. What is the cutoff? 1000 students? If we were to go to two classes, would anyone foresee wrestlers transferring to smaller schools to win an individual state title?
  8. I'm not sure how anyone sees, from the picture posted above, that his left side wasn't down. Could the ref have taken a little better look? Probably. Was he pinned? I believe the picture shows he was.
  9. Probably not a surprise to anyone.
  10. Unless he's only in high school for 3 years
  11. Friday night heavyweight backflips should be set at .5 I'll take the under
  12. The talent and competition at the South qualifier seemed to be up from last year. I believe the numbers were as well. Glad to see the event doing well.
  13. Oh I agree with the Hendricks County garbage. I guess we will know which semi-state was the toughest on the 16th.
  14. Man, we loved the Hudepohl Gold back in the day. Made me laugh, what great memories.
  15. Ah sarcasm. We've each used numbers to reach a conclusion. I guess we've just interpreted them differently. New Castle has always been one of the top 2 semi states and is again this year. I just happen to think Evansville is a little better this year because of the #'s I used. Feel free to continue using #'s in your reasoning, but remember these are all opinions and not "factual".
  16. 8 #1's in one semi state with 82 ranked wrestlers and 3 of the top 4 in the power poll. No, not too tough
  17. Not hard to tell which semi state is the best this year.
  18. I wasn't able to watch but was Mr. Lee wearing cool sunglasses too?
  19. Not sure what you mean by toxic, but true not to see everything through those blue and silver goggles. I’ll admit it when Perry is better than MD but to use the “big move” logic or “big in dual meets” logic is crap. These are two top 5 teams. At certain points in their wrestling lives they’ve all hit big moves or come up big for their teams. To say one team will and the other won’t is unrealistic
  20. So Perry gets a fall at 182 because Clayton is a "big move guy", but Mater Dei can't get a fall at 113, 120, 126 or 132? Also Perry seems to have two guys who "show up in dual meets". I guess the Mater Dei guys don't care about dual meets. Seems like fair, unbiased reporting.
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