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  1. You should change your handle to Nostradamus.
  2. I am too. I think a lot of these teams enter their JV lineup into some varsity tournaments and wrestle some varsity duals. I'm not sure how well they have done but it is some good experience for them. Can't wait for Saturday.
  3. Yeah Spider Man, you need a Snickers. You’re not you when you’re hungry
  4. Just curious but what was the criteria that decided the outcome?
  5. The event was awesome and the venue was great. Plenty of room, seating close to the mats, restroom facilities are good, concessions are solid, very good all the way around. However, I reached my driveway at midnight. Something similar south of Ft. Wayne would be great. But a really great event. Good job to everyone involved.
  6. Hell it's $15 to get in after you travel and pay for a hotel room. $20 to watch online sounds like a pretty big bargain to me.
  7. If MD wrestled them with Fitts it would be a great dual. Anytime two really good teams go at it it's a great thing.
  8. Thanks for the info Cricket. That's good news to MD fans.
  9. I think people on this board are smart enough to know that Philly speaks only for himself or herself and not for all MD fans. I think most of us recognize how good other wrestlers and teams in the state are
  10. I'm a big fan of starting each and every match with the double stall call. Guarantees action the remaining 5:59 of the match.
  11. Looks like its going to be an absolute battle for the top spot. UC has a ton of highly ranked wrestlers.
  12. I'm curious what it means when ShawSki says a wrestler has "run the tables" against someone. Does anyone here know what he means?
  13. Dickens dominated. Purdy is very very good but that’s a tough spot for a freshman to be in. Sollars and Deters was a very close match. Some close calls involved and all went Deters way. Deters 2-1 winner Ross handled Sutton. Think it was a major
  14. Maybe a Boarman and Rioux match up
  15. Herrmann is a junior Egli at 106 a sophomore and Ross at 113 a junior
  16. Yes, you are correct. The score was 2-0 when Egli initiated the cradle. Obviously anything that happened from there would've affected the score.
  17. I don't think anyone could say Egli would have won for sure. He was winning at the time of the fall, but if I remember it was 2-0 and didn't look like anyone was in control of the match. Should be a good battle between these two when they meet again. I wouldn't expect a fall next time from either of them.
  18. What street are you walking around on? Spiderman is everywhere he hasn't heard that.
  19. Yeah, coming from Evansville is not quite as awesome. I look forward to Y2 winning the lottery someday and building something a little more centrally located.
  20. Not sure why this matters to you. He moved his family 150 or more miles away to a better opportunity for him and his family. Not across town to Mater Dei or Memorial or Castle. Hard to argue that he isn't going to a better school and that his dad didn't get a better job. And maybe it was partially for a better wrestling opportunity too. Can you blame him? Maybe KT gets a scholarship to wrestle in college that he never would have gotten had he stayed at the same school in Evansville. Think about that. That move could change the kids life. Good for him for having the guts to go.
  21. Yes that was the Kyle Todrank that started at Evansville Reitz and ended up at Gibson Southern. He's a popular guy now.
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