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  1. New Updated Rokfin Top 200 National Middle School Rankings are out by MatScoutWillie (former Flo ranker). Indiana continues to have 4 wrestlers represented: 8th graders Brady Ison (130 lbs) & Drew Mills (150 lbs) and 6th graders Parker Reynolds (95 lbs) & Revin Dickman (77 lbs). https://rokfin.com/MS1 Next round of updated rankings will come after the Tulsa Natl duals, Reno Worlds & USAW folkstyle Natls. Way to represent the state young men.
  2. Your right, without a qualifier like PA,OH,IL, everyone has a possible chance here in IN. So anything can happen. However, past success is the best predictor for future success. Some of these predicted champs have won 4,5,6 straight ISWA state championships. I believe some upsets will happen, but cream always rises, and those who have been tested in Tulsa, Super 32, VAC Gold brackets, USAW,....Indiana’s MS State is not a stage most of these talented wrestlers will be lacking in experience. I can personally attest this may be one of the most accomplished 6th grade classes IN has seen. I believe you will have 3 6th grade champs at a minimum. Dickman 75, Reynolds at 95, or if he can’t wrestle, Stanley has to be the favorite, and Harden at 110. You could also realistically see Hawkins at 85 and L. Haines (being held back) could win again at 80 if he was registered.
  3. I’m fairly confident those that have a legit chance to win have registered. With maybe the exception of D’Pone Veazy at 160. There may be a few wrestlers who are potential placers who have not registered, but any potential champs are registered. With maybe the exception of HW. Those who have wrestled the true national circuit: Tulsa, Super 32, Tyrant, McDonough, USAW, they are all registered. Maybe a few regional type kids are still unsigned, but not the big ones.
  4. Here are the favorites I would think based upon who is signed up as of right now. Remember wrestlers can now switch weight classes (bad idea in my opinion). Disclaimer....This is not necessarily who I think will win (well 99% agree), but who the favorites would be going into it based upon registration. 75 Dickman (Brownsburg) 6th 80 Jendreas (Crownpoint) 7th 85 Hockaday (Tri West) 7th 90 Schaefer (returning champ) (Mater Dei) 7th 95 Reynolds (if healthy & can wrestler) (Brownsburg) 6th 102 Graham (Cathedral) 8th 110 Harden (Cathedral) 6th 117 Courtney (Center Grove) 8th 125 Ison (Brownsburg) 8th 132 Caden Brewer (Avon) 8th 140 Hunter May (returning champ) (Floyd Central) 8th 150 Drew Mills (returning champ) (Center Grove) 8th 160 McBride (Perry Meridian) 8th 175 Gunner Henry (Brownsburg) 8th 195 Brady Beck (Rochester) 8th 220 Maximus Forrester (Brownsburg) 8th 275 Pick 'Em This with both L. Hanies (75 Champ last year) & Preston Haines (85 Champ last year) & Nate Rioux not wrestling in this years MS state. All 3 will be at Wildwood duals. 3 6th graders to win, Brownsburg leading the way with 5 champs, and only I. Schaefer at 90 with the a streak of going for 3 straight (does not include 6th graders). Next year weight classes may be changed. My input was to follow the school boy weights up to 102 and then HS weights. This discourages wrestlers to cutting to a weight that does not exist on the National circuit. 71, 77, 83, 87, 92, 97, 102, and then HS weights. 71 allows for a smaller weight class, and the weights from there will be what most MS will have to wrestle on a national circuit. From what I am hearing, this is getting a lot of traction. Stay tuned. And if I'm counting that is 7 of 16 (not counting HW) as being #TheCounty And I'm proud to say 10 of the favorites have wrestled for The Compound Indy and won at either AAU National Duals or the Defense Soap National Duals at Cleveland State. More big things to come with IN top wrestlers.
  5. Doesn’t make sense for them to block the entry list if they are allowing wrestlers to change weight classes. Personally, they should do it like Tulsa. Block the entry list, make weight at what you register at. If you don’t make it go home. But if you are going to allow weight class changes at weigh-ins, then just unblock the list.
  6. Yes I meant L Hawkins at 85, and forgot about Acuna.
  7. Kyle Harden will most likely be at 110 (what he went for Tulsa) Preston Haines cannot wrestle this year as he has already participated as an 8th grader last year. Parker Reynolds may not be medically cleared to wrestle by then as he suffered a dislocated knee cap out in Tulsa. I do agree with a lot of your predictions other wise. Here are some top matches possibly at a few weights 80: L Haines returning champ v G Jendreas 85: E Doster, J Hockaday, L Haines 90: P Reynolds?, S Syra, J Hockaday ?, H DeMarco 95: P Reynolds?, E Stanley, I Schaefer 102: D Graham, E Stanley ?, R Murphy 110: K Harden, R Courtney, A Rinehart 150: D Mills, D Veazy
  8. MS Tulsa Results are posted on the Top MS Rankings 2019/2020
  9. Here are the 12u/15u results for those IN who attended Tulsa Nationals this past weekend. The toughest tournament in the country. Revin Dickman 1st 12u 73 Kyle Harden True 2nd 12u 110 Hunter Henry 4th 15u 135 (made semi finals) Gunner Henry 5th 15u 157 (made semi finals) Jairo Acuna 6th 12u 88 Parker Reynolds 6th Medical Default Semi Finals 12u 92 (made semi finals) Following MS wrestlers wrestled and DNP 12U Miguel Rojas 145 Carson Volz 130 Evan Stanley 96 Isaiah Schaefer 96 Griffin Van Tichelt 92 Camden Baumann 88 Clinton Shepherd 88 Landon Hawkins (Did Not Wrestle) 84 Wesley Spencer 84 Elijah Guyer 84 Ty Henderson 80 15U Spencer Turner 135 Lee Spencer 125 Peyton Bell 125 Walter Hagedorn 95 Landen Horning 89 Lukas Tsirtsis 75
  10. We are too busy holding our state in school cafeterias and wrestling at 10 PM at night rather than making our youth tournaments mean something for a qualifier. Going to an ISWA event should earn points for seeding for 4 Regional qualifiers to qualify for ISWA state. Then you will see numbers increase. Making a qualifier for youth and MS state would only increase numbers pre HS.
  11. I will speak from 1st hand knowledge...my son travels to CO, gets 10 matches in 1 day for FS GR at a LOCAL. Have your state Folk tournament end in Feb. Eliminate qualifiers. You do realize our own ISWA wouldn’t allow J Mendez to wrestle in schoolboy duals 1 year because of qualifiers. Smh....schoolboy duals shouldn’t be based off weight at state. Bring in 4 kids per weight class at camp BEFORE camp, goto camp, wrestle off 4 kids at end of camp for top 2 for team. OK now does this. PA allows kids to move up classes based off their camp. Again I know 1st hand knowledge. In IN, goto a local FS GR, get maybe 2 matches if you are lucky each class. We should eliminate weight classes until state. Block weight kids in 5 wrestler groups. Round robin. Get 8 potential matches. I do not want this to be a thread about ISWA, but we are WAY behind on our Olympic style wrestling due to our governing bodies. Class wrestling has ZERO to do with Fargo.
  12. Fargo has more to do with great freestyle and greco youth level coaching and their youth organization embracing FS GR more than 6 weeks a year than class wrestling.
  13. Also makes you wish our 7/8th graders could compete in our IHSAA State tournament like MN. Imagine B Lee, N Lee, J Lee, C. Red, J Mendez, etc being allowed as 7/8th graders to compete in 106 or 113 as middle schoolers. This years Incoming 6th graders have a some very accomplished Natl youth wrestlers. Dickman, Harden, Reynolds, Stanley, Rioux, Hawkins, etc...they have won multiple titles against older competition. Would be great to see them compete at an early age. Just like it would have been for the great wrestlers before them. MS stste this year could possibly see the most 6th grade champs ever? Would be a great stat to see.
  14. Class wrestling doesn’t solve anything. As a parent of a young very successful youth wrestler who travels the country seeking the best matches, class wrestling waters down the accomplishment. Yes IN can compete with ANY state champ for champ, but we CANNOT compete with depth. Our 4th/5th place in a non class state cannot even compete with an IL/OH/PA etc state champ in class. We will be rewarding a participation champ medal. I’m my opinion, eliminate the travel restrictions AND allow 7/8th grade to compete in our state tournament like MN etc...It will improve the quality in 106/113, allow phenoms like Mendez etc to complete early, and help IN as a whole.
  15. I have a question....Is this any different than a FB coach forging a concussion protocol clearance? They are both in regards to the overall health of the student athlete? If so, what would the FB coaches discipline have been? 2 games? Seems to me 2 duals is a very lean punishment. You are talking about young kids lives.
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