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  1. Below are the links for tonight’s event. Revin Dickman is match 14 & Parker Reynolds is match 16. Wrestling begins at 6:15 EST. Live Tracking FloArena: https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/b30492d7-2c45-c267-519b-d6fc881393df Live Viewing: https://www.flowrestling.org/signup?redirect=%2Flive%2F14261-monster-duals&utm_campaign=75387monsteruals&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=rmnevents.com&utm_content=website&rtid=75387&coverage_id=6522456
  2. This Friday evening Nov. 1st, Parker Reynolds & Revin Dickman have been selected to wrestle in the Monster Dual All Star Classic in Denver, CO. This event pits the top wrestlers from the West Coast/ CO area vs. the Midwest. Parker Reynolds will be wrestling Christian Castillo (AZ Middle School Champ, Western Regional FS/GR Champ, 4th GR Natls, Super32 5th). Revin Dickman will be wrestling Ronnie Ramirez (CA champ, Trinity Winner, Freakshow, Tulsa, Reno Champ). This event will be Live on FLO this Friday evening. The wrestling lineup card is the attached link. K-8 matches: https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/3e43-1989133/Profiles_K-8_Monster_Dual_2019.pdf?_ga=2.251681985.911431041.1572447854-2075993354.1552319251 This is an under the lights stage event. Below is the arena and stage.
  3. Curious as to thoughts on this classes 6th grade group coming in as possibly one of the most decorated? Reynolds, Dickman, Harden and Rioux need no explanations. Landon Haines being held back as a 6th grader with Gavin Jendreas. Include Hawkins and Stanley to boot as 6th graders w/ Hawkins & Stanley doing big things nationally recently. Maybe possibly one of the most nationally accomplished groups in some time?
  4. There is a lot of National talent in the state of Indiana. It has been frustrating to see these wrestlers split among several different teams due to competing clubs, coaches, parental friends, and locational wrestle offs. The Compound Indy took the initiative this year to try and get most of the top talent in the state onto 1 team to go and compete against other state teams with a very deliberate selection process (without wrestle offs). A selection criteria was used, and some good friends were left off of the team, however, it wasn't about friends and or teammates, it was about the state of IN. With the help of clothing sponsors, state companies and supporters, the total cost for gear (fight shorts, qtr zips, singlet, t-shirt, entry fee) was less than 1/2 of other state dual costs. 16 of the 19 wrestlers were from the state of IN, and the team would have been 19/19 but there was an injury, a wrestler who's father was transferred out of state during the season, and then a wrestler who had to decommit. The Compound Indy went and won the AAU National Duals and was the 1st IN team to do so. If we can find a way of keeping this very special group of wrestlers together and continue to add to the development and growth of the youth wrestlers, Indiana can continually compete with the PA, IL, OH, MN, etc... It all begins with accepting that National Teams should be built to win. Congrats to all the wrestlers who competed throughout the country this past weekend. Indiana as a state is showing that the talent is there, it just needs to be put together in the best way and taken to the most competitive duals. Regardless of state affiliations.
  5. Parker Reynolds made the Finals too as a 1st year schoolboy and was looking to be 1 of only 2 wrestlers (14U & below) in the finals to win back to back USAW Titles. It would have been his 3rd in 4 years. He fell just short losing in OT in the championship match to finish 2nd.
  6. Next year you will have 4 incoming 6th graders all looking to become 3X MS champs depending on how their weights shake out (Rioux, Dickman, Hardin & Reynolds). I believe they have won 5,3,4,5 straight ISWA titles. With the high quality of current 6th graders this year, the next few years at MS state could be something special.
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