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  3. Elkhart is currently in the same boat as Mishawaka. No club or camp is currently being permitted. This has been frustrating as surrounding districts are being allowed to start with both camp and club. It's hard to explain to parents who are eager and looking for answers.
  4. Just got word this morning the West Noble JV Invite was cancelled for this year. Is this going to be the trend...thoughts? Are you still planning to host your tournament? Currently, we are set to host three and I haven't yet been told otherwise by our administration but I also understand things can change in a blink.
  5. Just looking to follow this up. I thought it was a valid concern and something we should all be considering as we gear up for our season. What are you guys thinking about how you will run practices? We've discussed creating groups of four for practice and you can only work within that group. The question was brought to me by my AD about using two mats for duals but only running one match at a time and once one match ends, cleaning the mat between matches. Seems like it would make the dual take twice as long but is it necessary? Tournaments, do you have ho
  6. Will there be weigh-ins at Hammond as well?
  7. That's what I thought. I appreciate the info.
  8. Could someone tell me the minimum and maximum amount of dual meets allowed in a season? A group of coaches and I were discussing the topic and it was brought up that the max dual meets we could have was six. This would put most teams out of compliance with their conference schedule, not to mention additional dual meets they have outside of their conference.
  9. I know for a fact Bryant did not leave CMA because of coaching. If anything, that was a reason to stay. With that said, Behling is a heck of guy. As great of a wrestler as your son is, seeing you go is probably refreshing.
  10. Did I miss something? I noticed he was in the rankings down at 220 and now he's gone altogether. I was looking forward to watching him this season, I hope everything is good and he was left off by accident.
  11. Nathan Dibley who has been a varsity wrestler at Elkhart Central the last two years will compete in the 1600m and 3200m.
  12. I heard Y2 was going to be coaching this team so he could compete with Penn on a regular basis. I also heard the superintendent promised, if he signed on, to turn North Side Gym into a wrestling only facility for training and competition. Just rumors though.
  13. Coach, keep hosting an awesome RTC, last night was MASSIVE! To those not showing up: Last night they had several state qualifiers and two State Champions in attendance. This has been consistent every Tuesday since they started. If you're in the area and not showing up, you're getting passed up. I can't count that high but I estimate there were more than 60 kids getting better!
  14. Some of my colleagues and I were discussing this today but i was curious how your schools show their support for not only wrestling but the other athletic programs in your building.
  15. I may be wrong but I feel like you gave me the politically correct answer for no. I appreciate it. It appears the new former head coach at Seymour is headed North.
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