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  1. Seeding Meeting Change???

    And as I said, that's not the wrestler's fault if someone forfeits to them. as I explained earlier my teams schedule is made by the AD and I haven't been able to change it for 3 years. we wrestle a team 4 times, and two others 3 times because they happen to be at the same tourneys we are my 145lber has received forfeits from each of these 3 teams, because none of them have a 145, and one doesn't have a 152 so he couldn't bump (plus I have a 152) his season record is currently 22-4, with 12 pins and 10 forfeits, hate that this will hurt him for something he can't control
  2. Seeding Meeting Change???

    It's not the wrestlers fault in most cases. The wrestlers, and in some cases including mine, the coach doesn't make the schedule. My AD finds our tourneys. We have wrestled in only two tourneys this year where at least one team filled all 14 weights. Not the wrestler's fault that other teams don't have kids in their weight at a tourney or dual
  3. Best 4 year span-dual meets, etc.

    I would guess mater dei, any 4 year stretch from 95-03
  4. Still looking for a tourney if anyone has a spot available on the 20th or know of a tourney that does, please contact coach Thompson coachthompson189@gmail.com 812-766-9142
  5. Wood Memorial High School in southwestern Indiana is looking for a tourney on January 20th to replace losing two duals lost because teams cancelling on us. We are a very young and small team (7 wrestlers), but I need to get my kids mat time and experience. We are willing to travel anywhere and wrestle any teams. If you have an opening, please contact head coach John Thompson coachthompson189@gmail.com
  6. Numbers up? How are those numbers now?

    We started with 17 on the first day of practice. We currently have 6. reasons- 4 are ineligible with grades and have decided to stop showing up 3 had decided to quit to get jobs. (At the present time only 1 of them has a job) 1 has been expelled 1 quit because he still has to let his arm heal from when he broke it in the spring (odd considering he played the entire football season, starting both ways, without any padding on said arm) 1 quit after the first tourney saying it wasn't for him 1 decided to tell me he didn't care if I thought him wrestling in a tourney was important, he had dinner with his girlfriend and he was meeting her family, so that mattered more to him. plus I lost my manager because she was the aforementioned girlfriend plus my assistant has mono and hasn't been cleared to help. so yeah
  7. Jasper six-way

    A think a lot of people forget Jasper use to be the second best team in this tourney for many many years. The 90's and early 2000's they were a very solid team. I think it was about 5 or 6 years ago they were a top 20 state ranked team
  8. Jasper six-way

    If it's the same as last year- it's jasper mater dei castle bloomington south hobart jeffersonville
  9. It's the best in Indiana vs the best in the country. Lee and parris would be for indiana, because they are the best in indiana
  10. 2017 Head Coaching Changes

    Aaron Cissell is the new wrestling coach at Washington
  11. Mid Summer Mat Bash wrestlers needed

    I took a group there two years ago and it was an amazing experience. Very solid competition and great hospitality
  12. Summer ended Cadets/ High School

    Wood memorial summer wrestling slam july 28-29 at wood memorial high school Oakland city indiana Here is the link to the event page on Facebook, scroll down through the posts to find tourney information. If you have any questions contact me here or coachthompson189@gmail.com
  13. Washington HS in Washington, IN is looking for a Head Wrestling Coach for next year, 2017-18. If interested contact Gene Miiller at gmiiller@wcs.k12.in.us
  14. Washington HS in Washington, IN is looking for a Head Wrestling Coach for next year, 2017-18. If interested contact Gene Miiller at gmiiller@wcs.k12.in.us
  15. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    Speaking of Castle, who voted to move the regional to North? Castle sets the bar for hosting a tournament: great facilities, extremely organized, starts/ends on time, great concessions and outstanding volunteers. Has North ever hosted a tournament? North entered nine wrestlers in the sectional. Nine. In the dual meet against Mater Dei, the Huskies brought six varsity wrestlers and zero jv wrestlers. Are they going to have enough volunteers to staff and run a regional? Here's a novel idea-- let North host the SIAC or sectional. See how it goes for a couple of years, THEN let them host the regional. This is a case study of being set up to fail. North hosts a 6 way tourney over the holidays, so I think they can get volunteers to run three mats for regional The facilities look pretty decent. Having coached teams in regionals in jeffersonville, Bloomington south, and castle I think their facilities are comparable As far as the number of their wrestlers in a mater dei dual, don't know if that matters in hosting a regional. Evansville central had 10 wrestlers entered in the sectional, but they do a great job hosting a sectional, probably would great at a regional also.