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  1. Champs for Fresh/Soph State

    I think there were 26 wrestlers who wrestled in the Frosh/Soph State Finals in 2017 that made the IHSAA State Finals this year.
  2. Sprinting to get seats

    I went with my Brooks. We got in line at 3. I was actually the first one allowed in the Fieldhouse. Got to a section our school wanted to sit in. Got hit with a roll of caution tape. It was a train wreck.
  3. Best move under the lights

    Brayton Lee, going Brock Hudkins, and getting a prom date
  4. Freshman/sophomore state placer who qualified

    great event last year
  5. Sprinting to get seats

    Yes the running of the bulls practice begins at 4:30:01
  6. Thoughts and prayers from Western High School
  7. Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    There is a two pound weight allowance from Saturday to Sunday. After the weight class is done on Saturday they wrestlers can weigh in for Sunday. You can 'make weight' for Sunday on Saturday evening and not have to make weigh Sunday. If you are over on Saturday you can come back Sunday morning and weigh. Hope that makes sense.
  8. Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    This was a great event and very well organized last year. We are very thankful we went there last year. I strongly encourage whoever can attend do so.
  9. 3x middle school champ

    Well I watched Mendez beat Jacob Moran and Raymond Rioux at the Indianamat Hoosier Preseason Open last September. He won it all. Very impressed.
  10. Fort Wayne or New Haven SS?

    Great job today Berne Witness. It is very much appreciated.
  11. You are correct. Nobody is that cool. Good luck. Hope to see you in a week.
  12. I wish nothing but the best for Jack. He is a great kid and a tremendously hard worker. We have had the privilege of watching him train over the last few often seasons. He deserves what he is getting.
  13. Most to Semi-State?

    Western advances 11 to the FW Semi State with 4 champs and 2 runner ups. Our regional was also a single day. <tic>