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  1. My favorite moment was when Misconi smacked the ref on his butt then later smacked Warren on his butt and the coach just walks to the table laughing. Not really sure why an athlete would touch the refs butt?
  2. Yeah you wasn’t at Beach Grove so you comment is invalid.
  3. I was appalled at the way the Franklin Central wrestles behaved. The coaching staff did nothing but encouraged it. It was flat out embarrassing and disrespectful to this great sport!
  4. How do they pick the wrestlers for the teams? I noticed on the Indiana Blue team there is a kid that didn’t even wrestle in sectionals.
  5. Congrats I think Noah was a Sophomore and lost by 1 or 2 pts
  6. I'm going to go with Warren's no tie superduck.
  7. Both great young men. But you also have to think what Mason could have done if he didn't play football at least four months out of the year.
  8. He beat Fuller from Jeffersonville 8-3.
  9. Perry loses Warren,Kain,Woolbright,Amos, Miller. Nier. Perry has Cottey, A. Warren, two phenomenal incoming freshman. Blaze lowery who just bet a ticket rounder. Cue who placed 2nd in fresh/Soph state. And no telling what other JV kid hiding in the background. Harrison wouldn't beat Perrys JV team.
  10. How many of the teams only have kids from their school and no graduating seniors?
  11. How about if you place the previous year it is an automatic qualifier.
  12. Tournament ran great besides some of the table help disappearing at times. 15 minutes is plenty of time. I'm sure during practice you don't wait 15 minutes between matches. Live match find a new partner live match. Maybe 1 min to get a new partner.
  13. A few off my head is Deandre Wilson 2x, Jared Mckinley 2x , DJ Smith, Pepple, Lyde.
  14. I would think there is more then you think with how kids mature and hit puberty. A few off my head is Deandre Wilson 2x, Jared Mckinley 2x , DJ Smith, Pepple, Lyde. I bet the bigger number is MS State Champs that never win a HS State title. But winning MS State is a great Stepping stone
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