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  1. TCCender

    Mappes vs South?

    Exactly, one would hope. Doesn't always happen though.
  2. TCCender

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    One could have wrestlebacks after the quarterfinals, only. If you're a regional #4 drawing the top #1 in the state in round one of semistate, to have been the #4 coming out of regionals, you will have had to have lost twice at Regionals. There are at least 3 ahead of you, and then someone outside your regional is the "ringer" death draw. So that wrestler does not have a case, really, to claim to be one of the best 4 at semi-state. But, those who lose in round 2--the current "ticket" round, they easily could be a top 5 wrestler in the state, lose to a top 3 wrestler in regionals, and then draw the number 1 in the state in the ticket round. I have literally watched the number 3 in a given class go down to the number 1 in regionals, and draw the number 2 in the ticket round and be out of state. THIS is the problem that the wrestlebacks are intended to solve, NOT taking away the upsets, which will always happen, it seems completely disingenuous to say "well then they weren't the best on this particular day", while the left out top 5 wrestler watches someone they've beaten 3 times this year in the grand march reveling in the whole pageantry that is "State". The IHSAA seems not to understand what "Going to State" is to a wrestler. It is a defining moment...a lifetime of work...and this is what COULD be corrected if we had an open mind. So I say, wrestlebacks after round 2, but NOT after round 1. As for time, I agree that is a concern. I'm not sure how all the semi-states look, but at New Castle we spend every year at LEAST one hour in "breaks". This year we had 3, totaling about 90 minutes or so. The New Castle "breaks" are becoming legendary. That is easily enough time to put in a single wrestle back round.
  3. TCCender

    Mappes vs South?

    The truth is that the two types of calls you reference, stall calls and the out-of-bounds calls, have always been this way in Indiana. If you move in from some other states it is quite striking actually how much stalling can be allowed here sometimes, and how some referees call the sideline. Unfortunately, there are some programs here that actually coach to this...they're teaching their wrestlers to wrestle at the sideline, back off the mat, and take asinine amounts of time back to the circle, etc--almost as if they're daring the referee to call something. I can think of one instance though this past semi-state weekend, where a wrestler from a particular program lost on a questionable takedown at the sideline call at the end--this wrestler all season wrestled in a time-wasting style, backing off, moving to the sideline, etc, and it finally bit him in the butt. They're going to keep doing that, until the the refs starting putting that fist up in the air, or award that takedown at the sideline thereby dissuading teams from using that technique. Over the years I've decided just to go with it--it can be frustrating but there's not much that can be done, and the lesson that the kids have to learn is that they have to find a way to win, regardless.

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