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  1. Results from Mt. Vernon March Mayhem tournament: North 48 Castle South 43 North 48 Tell City 54 North 60 Princeton 33 North 48 Vincennes 51 North 54 Heritage Hills 38
  2. North 72 Bosse 6 North 62 Harrison 19 North 63 Reitz 12 North 42 Central 32
  3. IHSAA website says $8 per session or $20 for "season" pass to all sessions
  4. How do they determine places 9-12 and what kids to take since they only place 8?
  5. How will kids be notified if they advance to frosh-soph state in 2 weeks if they didn't place top 8? I believe they are taking top 12 in each weight class, right?
  6. Does anyone know how much the registration fee is for the qualifiers and can it be paid at the door or does it have to be through trackwrestling?
  7. Once wrestling in south/north qualifier, how high does one have to place to qualify for the state meet?
  8. Started with 28 and still have 26. I am pretty happy with that retention. Great group of young men.
  9. The team wearing the new 2 piece uniform did not fit that tightly at all. Shorts were very loose, almost baggy, and the shirt did not "hug" the upper body like that at all. Guess I need to reserve my judgement until we wrestle someone that wears the 2 piece that actually fits.
  10. Chase Wilson wrestled 160 at Central Saturday against us.
  11. OK I hate the new uniforms. We were called for numerous technical violations for "grabbing the uniform" where the shirt sleeve is and where the bottom of the shorts are. These uniforms were supposed to be "tight fitting" but they are very loose fabric and kids are getting their fingers and hands stuck in them. I hope they rescind this rule quickly or stop calling the violations due to loose fitting uniforms. Any one else having this issue?
  12. I keep all my results in trackwrestling are you wanting them here too?
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