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  1. Cathedral vs Perry

    Geno Mosconi, the youngest of the Mosconi boys! You should say hi next time you're witnessing some "Indiana wrestling action", he will be around cheering on his bros!
  2. Cathedral vs Perry

    Man, BobbyWrestler coming out firing with all these new post, is this you again Geno making new accounts? LOL, anyways great dual with some awesome matches.
  3. Hoosier Conference Brackets

    Let's try again!
  4. Notable win 1-6

    Grant Goforth bumps up to 220lbs. Very questionable call from the ref but great match by two studs. If Ryan ends up making it down to 195lbs before sectionals, he will be hard to beat.
  5. The Spartan Classic

    Indian Creek will not be there this year, kind of sad about it cause we always seem to enjoy this tournament. Good luck to all the wrestlers this year. Glad to see Silas back out there wrestling at Team State!
  6. 12/24/2017

    Grant Goforth
  7. 12/24/2017

    Grant Goforth
  8. Team state notable wins and upsets

    195lb Grant Goforth (Indian Creek) over Beck Davis (Garrett) 10-4
  9. The County

  10. Johnson County Tournament

    A cross face with a closed fist, I wonder how that works? No one wants to see it end the way it did but all you can hope for is the Center Grove kid, who is a great wrestler will learn from this and move forward. Franklin has a great young team that always seem to be in the matches until the end. Great tourney Saturday!!!
  11. Dodging matchups

    If you're a person that would like to see class wrestling, you're probably the same person that likes participation trophies!
  12. I know it’s out of topic but without the people that serve in the military there is no website! Thank you to all that served and are serving now!
  13. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Let's have a wrestle off to finish this!
  14. He will be a great addition to the CE team! I've watched him a couple of times now and always came away impressed, very strong kid!