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  1. WowWrestling24

    Freestyle State

    Missed all the action! Where there any big match ups or matches that occurred!
  2. WowWrestling24

    Some interesting stats going into state

    There are 18 undefeated wrestlers left!
  3. WowWrestling24

    over/under state champs from each semi-state

    East Chicago: 120:Tylor Triana 126:Michael Delapena, Colton Cummings 132:Jer Reitz 138:Black, Rumph 145:Jason Crary, Kasper 152:Hatch 170:Swank 182:Lucas Davison 195:Andrew Davison 285:Isaiah McWilliams I think that anyone of these guys have the opportunity to win it some more than others like 145 is rough to win it but it could happen.
  4. WowWrestling24


    Who is still undefeated?
  5. WowWrestling24

    State champ confidence polls

    220- Mason Parris 145- Brayton Lee 113- Asa Garcia 132- Breyden Bailey 182- Nathan Walton 195- Andrew Davison 160- Brad Laughlin 285- Evan Ellis 126- Blake Mulkey 138- Zach Melloh 120- Ty Mills 106- Brayden Curtis 170- Tavonte Malone 152- Noah Warren/ Joe lee/ Kyle Hatch
  6. WowWrestling24

    2/4/17 Matches

    What are some, big, possible match up's this coming weekend?
  7. WowWrestling24

    State Champions?

    106: Brayden Curtis, Yorktown 113: Asa Garcia, Avon 120: Ty Mills, Brownsburg 126: Blake Mulkey, Brownsburg 132: Breyden Bailey, Cathedral 138: Brendan Black, Hobart 145: Brayton Lee, Brownsburg 160: Brad Laughlin, Yorktown 170: Burk Van Horn, Franklin Community 182: Nate Walton, Brownsburg 195: Andrew Davison, Chesterton 220: Mason Parris, Lawrenceburg 285: Isaiah McWilliams, South Bend Washington Notes: 120: is a tough weight class whoever shows up on their game can win it 126: Colton can take this still 152: anyone can win in top 3 Hatch and Warren look to give lee all they got! 195: Tonte is my second choice for champ! Andrew Davison seems on fire
  8. WowWrestling24

    Kyle Hatch of Warsaw commits to

  9. WowWrestling24

    Half-Way through the season Champs?

    Since we are over half way through the season who will win it all?
  10. WowWrestling24

    Champs at Al smith

    Who will win the individual championships or which ones will win again this year and won the previous year? (Sorry to post again people changed my other topic to something else)
  11. WowWrestling24

    Al Smith

    106: Fernando Flores 113: Kory Cavanaugh 120: Christian Mejia 126: Colton Cummings 132: Dawson Combest 138: Brendan Black 145: Jason Crary 152: TOSS UP Kenny Kerrn or Kyle Hatch 160: Gleason Mappes 170: Tavonte Malone 182: Lucas Davison 195: Andrew Davison 220: Eli Pokorney 285: Brandon Streck
  12. WowWrestling24

    Al Smith

    Who will be the champs and who is taking home the team win

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