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  1. This tournament has taken a crap from the looks of it... just my opinion
  2. SAM GOIN has to be my number 1! Could very well win a title this season. Absolute hammer...
  3. Highland High School faced off with Hammond Clark last night... and I saw this in the results! 106: D. Maldonado (HCLR) over Cosme `CJ` Herrera (HIGH) (Dec 27-26) 53 TOTAL POINTS What are the highest combined match scores you know of?
  4. My Top 3 at each weight 106 Goin Miller Ocampo 113 Nelson Cottey Diaz 120 Seltzer Bettich Pierson 126 Littell Lowery Freeman 132 Mendez Rioux Wagner 138 Boarman Bailey Frejie 145 Viduya Boe Knootz 152 Rodgers Hall Coleman 160 Dickens Noehre Ellis 170 Calhoun Walker Fielden 182 Laplace Parkinson Lone 195 Allred Bates Winner 220 Irick Webster Dodson 285 Devault Keys Parsons
  5. Bryer Hall needs to be in there somewhere...
  6. What happened with Nelson vs Lemley? Injury 3:42
  7. I mean Laplace has had over a year now to adjust to the weight and fill into a healthy build. You also can't forget how difficult he can be to score on and remaining athletic while going up in weight over the last year. Laplace and Walker are both solidddd.
  8. My picks... but couldn't decide on 141! 109 Sam Goin 116 K.T Nelson 123 Zeke Seltzer 129 Brayden Littel 135 Jesse Mendez 141 Tyce Freije/Logan Bailey 148 Alec Viduya 155 Brock Ellis 163 Eli Dickens 173 Graham Calhoun 185 Jacob Laplace 197 Evan Bates 223 Cale Gray 288 Alex Coleman
  9. As always there will be a ton of talent at the IHPO. What possible matchups are you looking forward to? These two are very intriguing... Colton Drousias IL vs Zeke Seltzer IN Drousias 2019 State Champion 113lbs Seltzer 2019 State Runner-Up 113lbs Drousias and Seltzer have both been All-Americans at Fargo. Seltzer is currently ranked 6th in the country at 120lbs Drousias is not currently ranked, however has been in the rankings previously. Jacob Laplace IN vs Joseph Walker IN ***Teammates at Mishawaka High School*** Walker was 6th
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