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  1. wwatson


    Hayden Watson
  2. wwatson


    Hayden Watson
  3. wwatson


    Hayden Watson
  4. We should get to see this again in 2 weeks! It was a crazy match.
  5. wwatson


    Hayden Watson
  6. wwatson


    Bryce Crump
  7. wwatson


    Hayden Watson
  8. Ohio just canceled 2020-2021 team wrestling tournament. (Correction)
  9. with all the limitations and restrictions school's are having in the adjacent states, any rumors of some of the Indiana kids transferring back to Indiana schools to wrestle IHSAA? As this continues it will be interesting if the adjacent states are more restricted than Indiana. We might see kids from other states moving/ transferring to Indiana.
  10. When it comes to Voting: Only graduated 2 Seniors Brayden Littell was on IR for 2019-2020 & Conner Furh Finished 11th in team scores at the IHSAA State Finals Center Grove is returning: 2020-2021 Grade: 11 Hayden Watson IHSAA State Finals 3rd Grade: 12 Riley Rust IHSAA State Finals 4th Grade: 11 Drake Buchannan IHSAA State Finals 6th Grade: 11 Michael LaRocca SSQ Grade: 10 Hyatt Yeager Fresh/Soph State 3rd Grade: 11 Bryce Crump Fresh/Soph State 3rd Grade: 11 Michael Tharp 2018-2019 SSQ out w/ Injury 2019-2020 season
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