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  1. wwatson

    Middle school state how it went

    I hope this group who are looking into it will improve the experience. Change the Venue, full mats, move the date of MS state closer to the date of Council Bluff Iowa, have a qualifier 50 plus kids in a bracket to be complete in one day is not good for any wrestlers, scratch weigh ins, seeding should never be trackwrestling. The weighin card was an improvement. Good luck to those who will be wrestling in this event in the future.
  2. wwatson

    IHSWCA Middle School State

    Just to start some conversation about MS State. Based off some of Sig40 Rankings and putting kids at what I think the weight they might be at. 75 Coy Hammack 80 Logan Miller 85 Sergio Lemley, Logan Frazier, Bryce Lowery 90 Cheaney Schoeff, Issac Ruble, Cole Solomey 95 Sam Goin 102 Hayden Watson, Kamariyon Nelson, Ashton Hayhurst 110 Zeke Seltzer, John Purdy, Gilbert Lane, Kaden Lone, Quinton Chapman 117 Matthew Koontz 125 Jesse Mendez 132 Cody Goodwin, Orlando Cruz, Drake Buchanan, Devon Bell 140 Christian Carroll, Seth Willems 150 Griffin Ison, Nathaniel Lommock 160 175 Leighton Jones 195 220 275
  3. wwatson

    Middle School State (Regionals)???

    Excellent way to seed it! Once again hoping this does not fall on deaf ears! "Trackwrestling should not be the Seeding for MS State"
  4. wwatson


  5. Kysen Montgomery will be in the mix next year.
  6. wwatson

    Middle School State

    Very true and I am with you I hope they don't seed it.
  7. wwatson

    Middle School State

    Trackwrestling Profiles are flawed and allows people to manipulate their profile for better seeding. Plus not all tournaments use trackwrestling, such as Tulsa, Super 32, OTC, and some National Duals. 2 Options 1. Use last years results only seeding top 4 like ISWA State 2. Don't seed it at all Just my 2 cents....At the end of the day kids have to wrestles the match and they do get to wrestle back for true 2nd, but if they are going to seed it trackwrestling is not the best tool to use. Hayden Watson will be @ 90 not 85
  8. wwatson


    Just like Uncle Jimmy stated, this is ran through Flo, so you will need a Flo account to view brackets and watch the streaming. However, brackets won't post for age groups 6,8,10 until late as weigh-ins for that group wont end until 8pm, so maybe around 10pm for brackets to be posted on FLO. On Friday they have weigh-ins for 12 and 15 11am-1 pm and should be posted around 2 on FLO. www.flowrestling.org
  9. wwatson

    Middle School State

    Any word on how they plan on seeding this this year? Track profiles should not be an options.
  10. wwatson

    Middle School State

    Registration Is Now Open
  11. wwatson

    IHSWCA Middle School State

    Thought: Would there be anyway to have a qualifier for this Event, plus you could seed it if you did? Keeping the brackets to a 16 or 32 man bracket, with full mats and then a face off and then the finals? This was my first time attending this event. I was told in previous years wrestlers would weighin and head to the mats to start wrestling immediately, which sounds like that would have been idea, any chance of this coming back? Plus, that would makes sense for the 2lb allowance, because it allows wrestling to start immediately. Any reason not to go to full mats? Room I assume.
  12. wwatson

    IHSWCA Middle School State

    Couple more to add- Kysen Montgomery 95-102, Jace Alexander 75-80, Preston Tushiie-75-80 (I figured if I can't spell it I will make it up)
  13. wwatson

    IHSWCA Middle School State

    It appears to be open now.
  14. Data from Tackwrestling from the State Finals Davis, Geoffrey Fort Wayne Wayne 106 Diep, Cameron New Palestine 106 Streeter, Ben Fort Wayne North Side 106 Glogouski, Blake Fairfield 113 Hildebrandt, Drew Penn 113 Holmes, Austin Hamilton Southeastern 113 Bocock, Caleb Lebanon 120 Gomez, Isaac Plainfield 120 Hardesty, Ryan Mishawaka 120 Hudkins, Brock Danville 120 Langeloh, Hunter Columbia City 120 Doster, Owen New Haven 126 Gunsett, Daniel Bellmont 126 McGhee, Joel Warren Central 126 Molloy, Elliott Danville 126 Raypole, Kobe Carroll (Fort Wayne) 126 Red, Chad New Palestine 126 Torres, Gaige Portage 126 Coy, Sage Delta 132 Eldred, Evan Westfield 132 Ellis, Nick Roncalli 132 Laughlin, Austen South Bend Riley 132 McCoy, Cale Northview 132 Strawsma, Blake Benton Central 132 Vaughn, Jordan Franklin Central 132 Eicher, Isaac Leo 138 Moore, Connor Southmont 138 Rodriguez, Triston Culver Community 138 Covaciu, Jacob Merrillville 145 Herrin, Andrew Jennings County 145 Jourdan, Blake Evansville Mater Dei 145 Lawrence, Steven Portage 145 Levitz, Doug Prairie Heights 145 McCormick, Cael Yorktown 145 Pruitt, Trent Warren Central 145 Schurg, Daylan Crown Point 145 Schurg, Daylan Crown Point 145 Dunn, Elijah Indian Creek 152 Garman, Josh Carroll (Fort Wayne) 152 Herrick, Dominic Warren Central 152 Herrick, Dominic Warren Central 152 Michaels, Isaiah Centerville 152 Sturgill, Peyton Peru 152 Whitaker, Cayden Martinsville 152 Goddard, Dezmen Warren Central 160 Hughes, Drew Lowell 160 Davis, Zachary Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran 170 Irick, Spencer Hamilton Southeastern 170 Jones, Cameron Lawrence North 170 Mote, Hunter Delphi 170 Worm, Zachary Southmont 170 Hoots, Caleb New Castle 182 Kleimola, Jake Lake Central 182 Kohler, Andy Jay County 182 Evans, Scottie Delta 195 Friedt, Carter Bellmont 195 Fuller, Scott Zionsville 195 Hipple, Sam Carmel 195 Redmond, Christian Jennings County 195 Rypel, Blake Indianapolis Cathedral 195 Choate, Tristin Mt. Vernon 220 Davis, Blake Garrett 220 Guhl, Ryan Indianapolis Cathedral 220 Woods, Kobe Penn 220 Brogan, Jasion Warren Central 285 Streck, Shawn Merrillville 285 York, Quinn Franklin Community 285
  15. wwatson

    Trophy Chasing

    Greenwood WC just wrestled off for Johnson County duals last night and we have 5 really good 55 pounders. I would like to see the weights change and make them smaller increments and not allow any alternates. No Alternates rule should apply for ISWA State duals and it should be up to the hosting school to determine if they will allow teams to have alternates and allow academy’s to wrestle in their event and this should be communicated in their event flyer and to the teams who plan to participate in the event. Greenwood WC wrestled the Carmel Duals and we were able to spread out all of our 55lbs and move kids because of the weights classes. For Johnson County and ISWA State duals a kid can only move up 1 weight class so if he weighs 52 next weight class is 60, now I have 2 other 55 pound kids who can’t wrestle because they can only wrestle up 1 weight class, but this might be a different issue for other clubs. Greenwood WC is missing HWT. I think the reason for current weights is to keep them aligned with USA/ISWA weight classes. Is this something that could be modified? No alternates: If you have no one at that weight the other team will only get 3 points not 6. However you will forfeit that weight the whole tournament. For all other clubs: What is the typical weight you would say you have the most kids and what weights are hard for you to fill? William Watson

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