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  1. another website is ran by some kids I believe. They're just trying to have some fun I think. Wouldn't be surprised if some rankings on there are biased though.
  2. I'm not biased, This is my true unbiased opinion. 106- 1. Sam Goin (Crown Point) 2. Suhas Chundi (Carmel) 3. Logan Miller (Brownsburg) 113- 1. KT Nelson (Brownsburg) 2. Alex Cottey (Perry Meridian) 3. Cole Ross (Mater Dei) 120- 1. Zeke Seltzer (Cathedral) 2. Riley Bettich (Crown Point) (Hope to change this soon) 3. Ben Dalton (Monronvia) 126- 1. Brayden Lowery (Roncalli) 2. Kysen Montgomery (Brownsburg) 3. Stephen Roberson Jr (Crown Point) 132- 1. Jesse Mendez (Crown Point)
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