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  1. Division 1 schools are now starting to suspend all athletics due to the CoronaVirus outbreak with Duke and Kansas being the first so far. Now idk if Kansas and Duke have any wrestlers in the tournament but this is just the start of the ripple effect of schools going to suspend all of their athletics. I would almost say it is a certainty that the championships aren’t gonna be wrestled next week
  2. Check That. The Big Ten Tourney has now been cancelled along with a few other conference tournaments, and this will likely be follow with the cancellation/ suspension of the NCAA Tournament and obviously negatively affect the NCAA Wrestling Championships
  3. Fortunately, he was diagnosed with a common cold and the Big Ten Tournament is still on schedule at Bankers Life with no fans.
  4. I mean there is no way they do not postpone it with what has happened today. Especially if Nebraska Head Coach Fred Hoiberg tests positive with CoronaVirus.
  5. Ik this isnt a good place to promote illegal streaming but a facebook account by the name of " Olf Gniltserw " is streaming all four mats on his page
  6. Brandon James caps off a great college career with a 3rd place finish at the NAIA Championships. The highest placer in Marian Wrestling History! Congrats Brandon!
  7. On track is says Brett Johnson was DQ’d twice and is now out of the tourney. I was wondering if anybody knew what the situation was.
  8. How does that Lawerence North team in the 90's compare?
  9. yah that is exactly what happened @piscis1956 huge brain fart right there
  10. when will the overall standings be released?
  11. Inspired by the State Champ vs State Champ thread, this is to see if last year's runner up would have fared better this year 2019 Runner-Up vs 2020 State Champ (My Pick) 106: Alex Cottey vs Logan Miller (Alex Cottey) 113: Zeke Seltzer vs Alex Cottey (Zeke Seltzer) 120: Blake Boarman vs Zeke Seltzer (Zeke Seltzer) 126: Raymond Rioux vs Brayden Lowery (Brayden Lowery) 132: Alec Viduya vs Mathew Koontz (Alec Viduya) 138: Braxton Alexander vs Blake Boarman (Blake Boarman) 145: Alex Mosconi vs Alec Viduya (Alec Viduya) 152: Cooper Noehre v
  12. im a man of my word. Congrats
  13. Alex Cottey has a shot to be a 4 time finalist
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