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  1. I wouldn't say Cole Ross is a sleeper... I would like to say that Cottey has 113 locked up but there is definitely an opening. Cole is ranked 2nd for a reason.
  2. As a Perry Meridian supporter, I knew that Perry was going to lose to Cathedral. So, I was really just hoping for some great matches. Deep down, I really wanted to see Perry bump Alex Cottey up to wrestle Zeke Seltzer and Mathew Koontz bump up to wrestle Logan Bailey. Even though both Alex and Mathew won, I was bummed out because we did not get to see those matches. In wake of my disappointment, I am wondering how many times two number one ranked wrestlers in two different weight classes got a chance to wrestle each other. The only one I can remember is Noah Warren vs Nathan Walton at Team States in 2018 with Nathan Walton unfortunately coming out on top. So if anybody knows of any times this has occurred, please feel free to share.
  3. Predictions for tn. (excuse the bias) 106: PM (3-0) Toss Up, could easily go either way 113: PM (9-0) Self-Explainable 120: CATH (9-6) Another one thats self-explainable 126: CATH (9-9) Leaning towards Cath but I could see it going to PM as well 132: PM (15-9) Koontz is up and coming 138: CATH (15-15) Bailey's revenge tour with state coming up 145: PM (18-15) Another Toss Up 152: (If Baker doesn't wrestle) CATH (18-19) 152: (If Baker does wrestle) PM (21-15) 160: CATH (18-24) (21-21) It's Elliott Rodgers, come on 170: CATH (18-27) (21-24) I go decision but could be a major 182: PM (21-27) (24-24) Warren looking for blood coming off a bad loss 195: CATH (21-30) (24-27) Leaning towards CATH but could go other way 220: CATH (21-34) (24-31) I said Major but Mcclure could keep it close 285: CATH (21-40) (24-37) And thats the end Perry matches up a lot better vs CATH rather than Mater Dei Bonus Points gonna be big, Top wrestlers gotta step up And obviously if Baker wrestles for PM, it definitely gives them a better chance but CATH should still come away with the win either way
  4. Idk about that, that channel is rarely used. IndianaMat streamed Mater Dei vs Perry last year idk. Only place Perry would stream a dual meet is on Facebook but that is rare too
  5. So is it being streamed? I couldn't make it.
  6. #11 Sam Slivka over #13 Diesel Duncan WBF
  7. #10 at 120 Carelton Perry over #8 at 113 Kody Glithero 5-3
  8. UR Marquarias Wilburn over #6 at 106 Logan Carrender 6-4 in OT
  9. #14 Perry Meridian over #6 Carmel 30-19.
  10. A person I know, who wrestled a few years ago, loves to say that the wrestling talent is decreasing year after year. Do you agree? Just for fun, I thought I would put up the 2016 state champs vs the 2019 state champs in a duel meet to see who would win. 2016 State Champs vs 2019 State Champs 106: Asa Gracia vs Brennen Cernus 113: Colton Cummings vs Jacob Moran 120: Drew Hildebrandt vs Brayden Littell 126: Brock Hudkins vs Jesse Mendez 132: Chad Red vs Asa Garcia 138: Brayton Lee vs Cayden Rooks 145: Joe Lee vs Mathew Lee 152: Trent Pruitt vs Elliott Rodgers 160: Jacob Covaciu vs Jordan Slivka 170: Drew Hughes vs Nick South 182: Blake Rypel vs Carson Brewer 195: Jake Kleimola vs Silas Allred 220: Mason Parris vs Arthur Fowler 285: Shawn Streck vs Dorian Keys This definitely does not tell if there is less talent but I think it is just fun to see who would win. IMO I had 2016 state champs winning by a lot! 44-6 to be exact Edit: I realized after someone told me that I was being biased because I was comparing the kid's entire high school career instead of that individual year so my score got a little closer. 25-17 before Parris and Streck both get a fall so 37-17.
  11. R.I.P. to former Perry Meridian and state qualifier last year Daniel Below. Prayers to his family and friends 🙏🏻
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