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  1. A person I know, who wrestled a few years ago, loves to say that the wrestling talent is decreasing year after year. Do you agree? Just for fun, I thought I would put up the 2016 state champs vs the 2019 state champs in a duel meet to see who would win. 2016 State Champs vs 2019 State Champs 106: Asa Gracia vs Brennen Cernus 113: Colton Cummings vs Jacob Moran 120: Drew Hildebrandt vs Brayden Littell 126: Brock Hudkins vs Jesse Mendez 132: Chad Red vs Asa Garcia 138: Brayton Lee vs Cayden Rooks 145: Joe Lee vs Mathew Lee 152: Trent Pruitt vs Elliott Rodgers 160: Jacob Covaciu vs Jordan Slivka 170: Drew Hughes vs Nick South 182: Blake Rypel vs Carson Brewer 195: Jake Kleimola vs Silas Allred 220: Mason Parris vs Arthur Fowler 285: Shawn Streck vs Dorian Keys This definitely does not tell if there is less talent but I think it is just fun to see who would win. IMO I had 2016 state champs winning by a lot! 44-6 to be exact Edit: I realized after someone told me that I was being biased because I was comparing the kid's entire high school career instead of that individual year so my score got a little closer. 25-17 before Parris and Streck both get a fall so 37-17.
  2. R.I.P. to former Perry Meridian and state qualifier last year Daniel Below. Prayers to his family and friends 🙏🏻
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